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Moss Topiary

I love the look of the round kissing balls. I didn't know how much I liked them until December when I went looking for Christmas decorations with my mom, I only liked round items. I like the flower or ruffled ones, but that style doesn't fit the style of my front room. It's a lot more earthy and simple. I also needed something green. I got a six inch styrofoam ball, fake moss, fake green leaves, and fake green berries.
Once I got home I just started hot-gluing everything on. At first it looked really bad and weird.
I kept at it though and really like the end result. It's a little funky, but it works.
I feel like it looks like it was pulled straight from the ground.
I think pictures in my front room will forever be bad. There is no overhead light in my front room. I have lamps, but it's not the same. I like it in the evening because it's very cozy, but it's not great for pictures. There it is happily hanging in the corner.

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