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Pinch Hem: A Hem That Looks Like The Original

Lately, the trend with jeans has been thick stitches and wear on the bottom of the hem. What happens if the jeans are too long, but you want to keep the detail at the hem? You pinch hem the jeans. I'm going to show you how on a friend's pair of jeans.
1. Measure how much you need to shorten your jeans. These jeans need to be shortened 2 inches.
2. On the inside of the jeans, mark HALF of the amount up from the stitching line. These jeans needed to go up 2 inches, so I marked up 1 inch. (I didn't have time to redo this so I'm sorry the picture is wrong. Really, mark on the inside of the jeans; it makes it so much easier.)
3. The line you marked is the foldline. Fold the fabric up on this line and pin.
4. Sew with matching thread between the stitching line and the fold. (Sew between the two black lines)
5. Turn the fold up into the leg of the pants. Because my fold is only 1 inch long, I didn't trim any out. If your fold is longer, cut out some of the fold and finish the edge.

 6. Iron the hem. (Sorry for the blurry picture.)
 7. Sew an 1/8" above the fold. I like to move my needle over to the very left and then keep the fold on the center line of my sewing foot. I know everyone has different feet so do what you're comfortable with. Make sure the thread is as close in color as possible.
8. Then tack the fold at each seam.
The left picture is what the tacking looks like on the inside. The right picture shows the tacking on the other seam.
This is the end result. You can kind of see the topstitching above the other stitching, but from far away nobody can see it. Now your pants are the right length without looking like they were hemmed!


  1. i just figured out how to do this so they look profesh and real. been doing this all over the place lately. love it! great tutorial too:)

  2. Love this! Perfect way to hem pants on a growing child as well! Thanks so much for the directions and photos!

  3. This is such a good way to hem! Thanks for the tutorial!!

  4. That is awesome! Especially since most home sewing machine cannot do that extra long stitch length. Thanks for sharing. Bookmarking this for sure.

  5. Hi, I found your blog through Totally Tutorials. Thank you for posting this, it is so helpful! I've got some jeans that need hemming, so I'm going to try this soon.

  6. I tried this with my jeans and it works so good. I put some pictures of the jeans I hemmed on my blog and linked your blog there.


  7. How does one do this with boot-cut jeans or other flared legs?

  8. thanks I just did this and its fantastic! I bought a pair of jeans that were 4" too long cus it was a great deal! now I can finally wear them instead of the great deal sitting in a bag!

  9. It doesn't work unless it's straight leg style, right?

  10. Finally found the courage to try this tutorial. I'm kicking myself for waiting so long!! Who knew it's so EASY?! No telling how many times I've paid 10-12$ for an original hem at a tailors. NOT ANY MORE! Thank you for sharing.


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