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Easy Fabric Wall Decor: Faux Headboard

I have finally put up some decor in our bedroom. We've lived in this apartment for almost six months but I've been slow with decorating. I used the method of wetting fabric in starch and sticking onto the wall. It's great because it doesn't damage the walls, but it can look great. 
This is what it looked like in our first apartment. I like both ways and am glad that I've been able to do both.
It doesn't quite reach the top of the bed, but with pillows nobody can see.
 I love the colors
 And the print on the fabrics

 I think it really adds to the room. I guess I did put up the pale blue curtains. I also have pictures on the wall on the right that you can't see. It's the side that has our messes. If I don't show you it means we're super clean people right? Right.


  1. I really, really like this!! The fabric is amazing, and I love that it is all DIY! Beautiful!

  2. I've seen this technique a lot on the net, but haven't really found anyplace to do it. A couple of years ago we made a new platform bed, but no head board, because the bed is under the window. This looks like something that might work for us. One question, though. Is it fairly durable? Do you think it would stand up to propping ourselves against the wall to read or watch TV?


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