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Saint Nicholas Day

 My mom grew up in Germany so we have many German traditions in our family. One tradition is Saint Nicholas Day which on the night of December 5th, you put out your shoes. Saint Nicholas comes and brings treats and toys. The morning of the 6th you wake up to wonderfulness. I have done this my whole life and loved it! We always did this instead of stockings. (This Christmas we're going to my husbands house for the holidays and it will be my first time ever opening a stocking! I'm excited!)
Anyway, Saint Nicholas came to visit us again this year. He was kind enough to visit while we were at my parents instead of coming during the night. My mom's got at in with St. Nick. Look at all the goodies in our shoes! This pictures are terrible because I used my phone.
 My dad got the Hunger Games Trilogy after I told him how good it was. He was going to get it Christmas morning, but he couldn't wait that long! Simply awesome.
My brother and sister-in-law recently went to Germany to visit her family. They brought back lots of great German chocolate, so we also had a chocolate tasting party with twelve different kinds of chocolate! We all voted and picked the best. It was a three way tie between the caramel, strawberry, and original. It was delicious
What awesome Christmas traditions do you have?

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  1. We celebrate Saint Nicholas day too! I was born in Germany, and my parents picked up the tradition while we were there. I'm so excited to celebrate it with my kids someday!
    Have fun opening your stocking too! :)
    Ooooh...and Milka chocolate is soooo good.


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