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Hat-Making Project #3: The Mask Part 1

Because my hat-making class is a theater class, we also get the chance to make masks. I had no idea what I was going to make, because I'm never going to use a mask. I was looking through pictures and saw this.
I knew I wanted to make something similar to this because I love the idea of lovers. I didn't want to make it this grand though. In my class we started with a plaster face, and then we put clay over it and shaped it how we wanted it. This is my clay mask. I'm pretty happy with how it turned out because I was limited in what I could do.
Close up of the rays
To make our finished mask, we used a special machine called a vacu-form. It's the machine that makes plastic  shapes. The plastic is then painted to look real. It's what a lot of backdrops are in plays and movies. For example, here is a plastic brick wall.
I put my mask into the machine.
See the white surface at the top of this next picture, that is the plastic getting soft and melted. The idea is that once the plastic is soft enough, it is brought down over the mask and air is sucked through the wood platform. It vacuums all the air out so that the plastic will form over the mask.
I was going to take a video but my camera wasn't working. Anyway, here's the plastic cooling over my mask. It actually worked!
My finished mask. I'm so happy with how it turned out!
Hopefully I can paint it well! My bedroom colors are blue and green. How can I tie those colors into the mask? I'm thinking of just doing a cream sun with gold cracking through and a light blue moon with silver cracking through.

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