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 This week I didn't get very much sewing done. Or very much else this week. I was distracted by this 
and this.
These books are epic, and I'm trying to get my hand on the last one. If you have read it, don't give anything away. It's really all I have been thinking about. I would read them at night under the covers with a flashlight, because I couldn't read them in the dark without being next to my husband. Everyone should read them! I can't wait until I graduate, so that I can read whatever I want. I miss my reading hobby.
I have also fallen in love with this recipe book. I feel like a better wife because we're eating more vegetables. And the recipes are so yummy!
I have a skirt almost finished though that I can show you next week. And my hat will be finished this week!


  1. The Hunger Games series was AMAZING! So addictive, I could not put them down. Such an original story, so fun to read. :)

  2. I've heard of those books and have been thinking of reading them...I will have to pick them up soon!

  3. ahahah! you read them so fast! i have the third one. finished. you can borrow it...but its in australia...come get it?


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