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How To "Hide" Bobbin Thread While Topstitching

When you sew a buttonhole or topstitching, do you ever have a problem with the bobbin thread being pulled to the top? Even if the thread is the same color, it can make a good buttonhole look bad. If you've ever had this problem, I have a solution for you.
First, take your bobbin case

Put your bobbin in like you usually do, pulling it through the little side window.
The last step is to put the thread through the little hole at the end of the arm. You might never have done this before, but it makes the bobbin thread have slightly more tension, keeping it on the bottom of whatever you are sewing. You'll never see bobbin thread on the top of your garment again! I even use this trick when I am in a hurry and don't have time to thread a bobbin. I just use a bobbin of another color and then topstitch or "buttonhole" away!

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