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Millinery: Part 2 Making the Hat

To make a hat, you have to figure out your head size. My husband measure his head for me and here I am looking at the table with head size and hat size.
Then with that hat size, you pick a pre-shaped felt hat. There were shelves and shelves of hats.
Even straw hats.
This is my hat before I turned it into a cowboy hat.
Here I am wearing the hat.
Next you pick the block that is the shape and size of your head. J.W. helped me pick out the right one for me.
Then you stick the block into the hat.
Steam it until its really hot and shape it to fit the block perfectly.
The is the machine that helps the hat really form to the block.
I then had to sand mine because of the type of hat I was making. (This is a classmate sanding her hat.)
My poor black hand after sanding my black hat.
Then I put my hat in this squishing machine. See the two round plates? My hat is sandwich between to flatten the brim. We had also trimmed the brim to be the same width all the way around.
In the sewing room, this wonderful mam helped us sew in the sweatband, glue in the lining, and sew on the ribbon around the hat.
Then with some starchy stuff, the crown of the hat was shaped. It was amazing to watch the workers because they were so fast and smooth. It always turned out perfectly. Sorry his hands are blurry, he moved too fast.
More steam on the brim to shape it. He was also very fast at this. After he did mine, he undid it so that I could try it myself. I had a little help but it was really fun.
Lastly, beautiful Joyce would print our names onto the sweatband. She was fast too. I lovingly put my husbands name in it.
The after pictures are next!


  1. wOW, it's sure a lot of work to make a hat, I can;t wait to see what it looks like and how you wear it! =D

  2. that is soooo cool. cant wait to see the end result.
    what school are you taking classes at?

  3. That is so so so awesome....thanks for all the pictures and details!

  4. That's so neat! Lol, "squishy" machine!!


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