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Millinery: Part 1 The Shop

For my hat-making class this past Friday, we went to a millinery shop in Salt Lake City, Utah. It was amazing! The shop makes custom wool and straw hats. Some hats were priced at $400! Everyone in our class got to to make one hat each for a discount price because it was for school. It was such a great experience! There are lots of pictures as a result so I've split it up into three different posts. The front part of the shop had many examples of hats.
Straw hats
 Cowboy hats, Fedoras, Bowler hats, etc.
 Old hat/leather sewing machine
 Another old sewing machine
 This is an old head measuring tool. They used to use it as a "fingerprinter" for criminals. It would measure the exact shape of your head which I guess is different for every person. Then the hat-makers started to use it.
 One of the HUGE hats

Isn't this straw hat beautiful? It's almost chevroned.
This hat was hanging on the wall. It reminded of a hat you would wear in the Alps.
 How about an electric blue top hat?
 There was a sewing room in the shop where the hats were finished. Look at all the beautiful colors of thread.
There were also rows and rows of ribbon.
 The ribbon had wonderful names like silver belly and commando.
 Here I am with J.W. himself. He was helping me decide what hat to make for my husband, and my teacher caught us mid-sentence. Don't you love the long-necked girl mannequin with creepy eyes on the left?
 Here is my beautiful, wonderful teacher
Next up, the making of the hat!


  1. So jealous! look forward to seeing the rest of the pictures

  2. What a cool place! I love looking at old sewing machines.


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