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How To Make and Sew Piping

I love the look of piping. It's something really easy that really adds to the project.
What you need is fabric strips 1 1/4" cut on the bias. Bias cut is when you cut fabric at a 45 degree angle to the lengthwise and crosswise. You also need twine, rope-ish, etc. I have this pre-made piping that I found at a thrift store, but it doesn't matter what you use.

See the round side of the piping?
 Sew the fabric strips together so you get one long line. When you cut on the bias the ends are at funny angles so I cut mine straight so it was easier to sew together.
 Take the fabric strip and piping
 Wrap the fabric around the piping.
 Put in your zipper foot so that you can get right next to the round edge.

Sew the whole strip.
You end up with something like this. I needed a lot so I made a lot.
Then sew it on the edge of whatever seam you want it to be in. I like to sew the piping to one side of my project, then sew the other piece of fabric to it. Remember, for the piping to show, the piping should be just in from the seamline. If you're sewing at 5/8" the round edge will be at about 3/4".

To overlap, the piping ends will tuck under each other. (At the left of the picture.) You will have to sew over the round edge to tuck the ends under. It may seem weird but it is very accepted when using piping.
This is what it looks like in a finished seam. It's beautiful! This is one of the projects I'm doing with the lemon fabric. I hope to be finished this week. Stay tuned!


  1. this is great. needed this one!

  2. ive always been scared to make piping, i never thought of doing it this way. sooooo easy!

  3. Wow, looks pretty simple. Thanks for posting this!


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