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Flowers and Flower Wall Decor

Here are some fall colored flowers from my floral design class.
They are quite fun.
 The best part about this post is I finally got some decor put up in my kitchen. Meet my flower: Black-Eyed Susan. She's a cutie. I used this tutorial from Brassy Apple. It's really easy but looks great! It's a flower that will never die.
 The yellow flower fabric matches the chair fabric. I loved this decor because it was so easy to bring in a couple colors, all my kitchen colors, without it being over the top or a lot of work. And it doesn't ruin the walls! I live in an apartment and probably will for the next little while so making home beautiful without damaging walls is a must.
 Flowers make me happy.
 And the vase fabric does too.

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  1. Cute!!! And I love your flower arrangement. :)


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