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Dress Design for Shabby Apple

Have you ever heard of Shabby Apple? If not, check them out. They have beautiful, modest, fashion forward dresses. I love ogling the beauties on their website. They also have swimsuits, aprons, and little girl's clothing. What's awesome is that this month they are having a dress design contest, and I decided to enter. Here's my drawing of the dress.
It's an empire waist dress with princess lines. It also has piping around the neckline and pleated standing ruffles at the neck and sleeves. The combination of empire waist and princess cut is the most flattering for everyone. (I love empire waist. I should have lived in Jane Austen's time!) I also did princess lines on the sleeves with piping to slim the arms. The Neckline is asymmetrical, and the details on the front are three buttons and three pleats. There will be real buttonholes and buttons because there will be a side zipper, and the neckline will need to open a little to fit over the head and shoulders.
The color combination I like is coral and aqua with a little white. I want a print on the top with matching colors for the details. I put a print on top, but I'm thinking it would be less busy and smaller. For this front I did one color scheme. The main part of the skirt is coral with matching coral piping. There are also aqua buttons and pleats.

For the back I switched it. I did an aqua skirt with matching piping and coral buttons and pleats. I wanted you to see the two different dresses. I chose coral and aqua because they are universal colors; almost anyone can wear them and look good in them.
For the fabric I want something like chiffon because it's so beautiful and flowy. I want fabric with a light hand that has lots of movement. I want women who wear this to feel beautiful and confident.

My inspiration came from a couple different things. It started with this picture to the right. I saw it in my pattern-making book and knew I wanted to design a dress that was asymmetrical with gathers or pleats. I wanted to make a dress that was flattering for everyone so I used my previous knowledge for that. I also got inspiration from the Empire Period 1790-1820. Last of all, I had to get approval of my sister. I always need her approval. She always has good insights and ideas for me. It's great to be able to bounce ideas off of her.

Tell me, would you wear this dress? What would you change about it? I don't know if I can changed it after I turn it in though. Hopefully! I know you'll all come up with great ideas for me. Wish me luck! I'll find out in a week in a half if I make it to the final fifteen!


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  2. I love empire waist lines. I'm not very good at wearing bright colors but I really like the look of this dress. I'd like it better with the print part being the same solid color as the dress, but that's just me.
    Good luck Heath!

  3. I love it! Everything...the neckline, the color scheme, its beautiful.
    Ps. Im coming to visit Utah (like tomorrow night) so ill be paying you gals at the shop a visit!

  4. I think Shabby Apple would love that design, and if they don't then they're crazy! The coral and aqua are very cute and trendy.

  5. I love it....very elegant. I could totally see myself wearing it.


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