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Victorian Scarf Tutorial

I saw this scarf tutorial on Sewing in No Man's Land the other day and loved it. I love the gathers and how it looked "fluffy." I didn't like that when she gathered her scarf she didn't sew it to anything so the gathers would move around. I decided to make my own gathered scarf. 
I used fabric from skirt. I promise I'm not linking to my other posts to make you look at them. I just like to show you that fabric can do lots of different things. If you get a couple yards and you used some, there's always something you can do with the leftovers. (I'm terrible and save all my scraps. It's so hard for me to throw fabric away that I might be able to use it for something else.) This fabric makes me think of Victorian times.

What you need:
Fabric 10 inches wide 60 inches long (If I were to do this scarf again, I would make this piece longer and less wide)
Three fabric strips 1 inch wide 46 inches long (the length of these strips will be the finished length of your scarf.
Sew a gathering stitch. This is a straight stitch at 5 length.
Sew three gathering stitches. One on each side and one down the middle.
Pull either the top thread or the bottom thread.
See how the fabric gathers? The fabric will gather and shift around until it is sewn to something that is not gathered.

Gather all three stitches and pin the three strips to the tree gathered stitchings.
I sewed the strips to the scarf with a 2 width 2 length zigzag stitch. I did a zigzag to keep the stretch in the fabric. I didn't want to worry about popping stitches while wearing the scarf.Then I sewed an ungathered piece to one end with a jean stitch.
The ungathered piece is shorter than the gathered piece so it makes the scarf asymmetrical.
 I'm really happy with how it turned out and love that it's light for summer!

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