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Pillows Galore

Actually there's only four. There's just a lot of pictures. Here is a picture of my front room. The couch would've looked very empty without pillows right? Or maybe I'm just in love with pillows. My whole bed and couch would be filled with pillows if I had my way. My husband says we need an extra couch just to display the pillows. Well I refrained myself and only made four. Here's the first two. The blue one is actually from an old American Eagle t-shirt. It was getting old, but I really liked the phrase, "Never mind the cloudy days." I also made some blue piping with the leftover t-shirt fabric. Isn't it cute? The brown was is made with some embroidered corduroy I got on sale. I had to have at least one brown pillow to match the rug. I love sales! The lace is leftover from this skirt, and I found the button lying around.
A close-up of the piping and the striped back that matches the couch.
On the other side of the couch we have two more pillows. The dark blue one is pleated with a cute button in the middle. If I were to do this one again, I'd make the pleats closer together so the outside pleats don't pop open. I really like the last pillow. I actually used two tutorials to make the details.The bird and tree printed fabric on the bottom panel used to be a purse that I had laying around. The other two panels were fabric in my scraps pile. To make the striped leaves and the turquoise bird on the middle panel, I used this tutorial from a guest post on Ucreate. Besides teaching how to make leaves, it also teaches how to make a tree print on fabric! (This pillow is my husbands favorite because it has the most puff for watching football while lying on the ground.)For the peach flower on the top corner, I used this tutorial from Make it and Love it. I don't think I followed it exactly, I just used it as an idea. The pillow she made is a lot cuter than mine though!
The back is also striped like the couch.
There it is. An accessorized couch. It makes me happy.


  1. Oooh I love the bird pillow! You did a fantastic job on these!

  2. Heath! It just so happens that I'm making new covers for some pillows too. Did you make them for specific pillows of just make them and then stuff them. (the latter sounds easier...too bad I did the other one!) Also, tell me about the piping. I've been stumped on that one. Is it just piping covered in fabric. What does the original piping look like? How do you cover it? Help! ;)


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