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Make It Modest-Build Up a Strapless Dress

Remember my friend Beth who I closed her back dress vent for? Well she also came to me with a strapless formal bridesmaid's dress that she wanted me to make modest. Luckily I had done this before at my internship last year when I worked for a custom formalwear shop.
A little background about my friend is that she moved to Utah a couple of years ago, and a friend introduced her to the Mormon church. She knew it was true and joined. Because she became a member, she started dressing more modestly. Recently she came to me for help to make some of her clothing modest.
Here's the dress before. With her cute hubby
She's adorable, and I love I can call her my friend!Here's the after-doesn't she look beautiful?
I shortened the bottom and took off the side ties to use for fabric for the top. To make the top, I draped a scrap piece of fabric over her should and marked so that I could use it for the pattern.

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  1. Great job Heather! I only own one strapless, wore it a few years ago for a coworker's wedding, and I hated that I had to adjust it all night long. It doesn't fit anymore, but when it does (when!) I am going to add straps....maybe halter?


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