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Hat Inspiration

This week I've been looking at lots of pictures of hats to decide what I'm making for my hat-making class. I wanted to make something I would wear because I'm not a hat wearer. If I put a lot of time into this, I need to make something I'll wear. Here's my sketch:

I'm going to use this fabric leftover from this coat I made. The coat is really classic, so I'm hoping it'll match my hat.

This is the shape I want for my hat, but I want the brim to go all the way around.
This hat has a knit lace for the band. I want lace on my hat but not bunchy and a little more feminine. I like the idea of contrast between tweed and lace.
I want a flower on my hat like this.
I'm thinking about doing feathers like the ones on this hat, but I'm not sure. The flower and the feathers will make it super trendy. And I don't want the feathers to get ruined in snow and rain. Do you have any ideas for me? This is the kind of brim I want on my hat.
What do you think of my collaboration? Is it too trendy? Is this a hat you would wear?


  1. I love your ideas, so fashionable! And chic. Is there a way you can treat the feathers, like you can suade shoes, to protect from the weather?

  2. This is fabulous! I love that you're making hats.


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