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Kellie's Apron

Remember this fabric I thrifted? Here's the finished apron. I made it for my friend and she loves it.

The piping I used this time was a little stiffer. It made the bottom have a little more weight and flare. I think it's really cute.

And sorry for not very much action on here. We're unpacking and doing finals for school. I will have more stuff to post soon though once I get more time to sew. Hope everyone is having a wonderful August!


  1. I haven't had much sewing myself. I love the apron, you're so talented!

  2. cute! I have never made an apron!

  3. So cute! i love the details. It turned out wonderfully!


  4. Ah I LOVE it!!! Thank you so much Heather!! I still can't believe you made it! and the colors and fabric are so perfectly me, I love it. and my pants are awesome, thank you for fixing them! I hope your anniversary was wonderful!!


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