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Baby Sneakers

Baby Sneakers.

I don't know if anything is cuter.

I just altered my baby shoe pattern it for the sneaker. I traced the top two pieces shoe pieces, and then drew a 3/4" piece where I wanted the white part. I wanted to cut two pieces and sew them together so the final piece would be the exact size. To do this I added 1/4" seam allowance on the side.

I sewed the pieces together, flipped it around (clipping the curved piece), and edgestitched the piece onto the shoe piece.
Thick thread for the laces.

Next time I'm going to do the bottom piece white so it looks more like a shoe.

I drew 3/4" for my shoe and it ended up being about 1/2" all around the shoe. I kinda wish I was keeping them for myself instead of giving them to my cousin. I know she'll love them though!


  1. Cool, they're like little baby moccasins with a modern flair.

  2. That's so cool! I need to try to make those sometime!

  3. So cute! I was thinking of doing a pair for myself. Thanks!


  4. They are adorable! Where can I find the pattern?

    1. http://www.family-centered.com/living/2010/11/24/soft-baby-shoes-pattern-and-tutorial/

    2. The link for the pattern doesn't seem to be available anymore. Do you have a copy?


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