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My mom gave me some long-sleeve shirts she didn’t want anymore. Yay for free clothes to alter! Check back later for the other shirts I refashion. I am also almost done with the suitcoat! I just need to iron it and sew it back up!

Because these shirts are long sleeved, it gives me a lot of fabric to work with. Bow-tiful TopI put the shirt on with one of my favorite fitting shirts. I marked where the shoulder/sleeve seam was. (Can you see my shirt underneath?)Bow-tiful TopThen I cut the sleeves off.
Bow-tiful TopI used the same shirt and marked the sides so that I could take it in to the same size and my other shirt.
Bow-tiful TopHere’s my new seam. I used a stretch stitch that is on my machine. If you don’t have a stretch stitch just use a zigzag stitch.
Bow-tiful TopI sewed the sleeve in a little to match what I sewed in on the armhole. Then I pinned and sewed in the sleeve at the new mark. It does take the sleeve but then it looks like it’s made for me.
Bow-tiful TopI marked where I wanted the short sleeve to be with another shirt.
Bow-tiful TopMark it and the hem allowance line.
Bow-tiful TopBow-tiful TopI sewed up the hem on the sleeves, stretching as I sewed with a straight stitch so I would still have stretch when it was finished. I used this tutorial from IS.LY for the bow.


Bow-tiful Top
I love it!

Bow-tiful Top

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