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Lace Tuxedo Shirt Tutorial

This is what my husband called my shirt when I showed him. But, don't worry, he still likes it. I really enjoy his comments on what I make. They're sweet and funny. It helps me think differently and change something for the better. 
Well I made a tutorial for you, because this took me maybe fifteen minutes. You can do it too!
You need a length of lace (your choice, mine is 5 inches), 3xlength in a strip of knit fabric (mine was 15 inches), and a shirt. Mine are all the same color but feel free to choose what you want.

Sew a basting stitch down the center of knit fabric strip. (Black details do not show up in pictures. I promise there is a stitch on the strip of fabric!)

Gather and pin onto lace and onto shirt in the center.
Sew a normal stitch down the center and your done! Lovely Lace. I love this because it dresses up a basic shirt, and it's still basic enough to go with anything/everything!Yes, this picture is blurry. But I love this shirt.


  1. Nice work! I'll have to try this myself!

  2. That looks so cute on you!


  3. This is lovely! What a cute little embellishment.

    Thanks for leaving the kind comment on my blog! I felt embarrassed blogging after so long :P I really love your blog, I started following!



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