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How To Sew an Invisible Zipper without an Invisible Zipper Foot Tutorial

I love the look of invisible zippers. When I started at my job about two years ago, my boss taught me this trick. I've used it and loved it ever since. This tutorial is to put a zipper in with lining. (The garment is finished except for the zipper and back seam. The neckline/waist should be finished with understitching already finished.)
Lay the zipper out and uncurl the edge. 
Iron the zipper uncurled.
The zipper should lay with only a slight curl to it. (Don't worry, this only stays temporarily. When you zip up the zipper and iron it, it goes back to it's original form.)
Pin the zipper on.
Sew in the "ditch" right next to the teeth. Be careful not to go over the teeth!
Sew all the way down the zipper until the pull stops you.

Lay your item out like this. The lining is on the left and the garment/zipper is on the right. You will fold it where the top of the zipper is, right sides together. The lining will come over to the right. (Look at the next picture.)
This is what it should look like. The fold I'm holding will become the top edge of my dress. Also, make sure the top part of the zipper, above the stop, is pulled out into the seam allowance so it doesn't show when the zipper is finished.
Sew at 1/4".
Once sewn, turn it right side out and this is what the inside will look like.
This is the outside. You can barely tell where the zipper is!
To finish the seam below the zipper, put in a zipper foot. At the bottom of the zipper, sew right next to the seam. The zipper foot will help you get right next to the stitching. Sew down to close the seam.
This is what it should look like when it's done. The stitching won't line up exactly but it should be close.
Do the same to the lining using the zipper foot. To make this easier, clip the lining just under the zipper to pull it away.
I'm finishing the hem this skirt and then I'll be able to show you!


  1. Wow! I am going to learn so much from you, zippers are so hard for me to do (I'm a beginner) and this is such a great tutorial, thank you so much! I will try it...and try it and try it a lot of time =P until I get it right.

  2. Great tutorial! I haven't tried zippers yet but maybe I will now.

    clothed much, a modest fashion blog


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