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Black and White Striped Shirt

I made this shirt in under two hours yesterday. I needed something cute but airy. It's getting really hot this summer. Especially walking to and from school. I used a different pattern that isn't available anymore, but I found a similar style here for free. I had this knit striped fabric lying around waiting for the perfect project. I love the bold black and white contrasting stripes, and I love this shirt. 


  1. Love it! I'm totally stealing that idea for later! Maybe with a bright floral....

  2. You are so stinking talented! It looks great.

  3. This is an awesome top, and I like that the stripes are not tiny thin I this this looks great, I will go there and check their patterns, I had no idea they had some free!

  4. by the way you look so beautiful in your wedding picture with your parents, I hadn't paid attention and your dress is so beautiful and modest =D

  5. Hi there,
    I love this pattern and would really like to make it for myself but when i click on the link for Burda it takes me to another pattern! :(. Any advice?


    Lindsay from South Africa

    1. I'm so sad that pattern isn't available anymore! I've used it so many times! Anyway, after searching for awhile, I found this pattern and tutorial http://icandyhandmade.blogspot.com.br/2012/09/tutorial-and-pattern-everyday-basics-2.html. It's a very similar style!


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