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Scissors Necklace

What I learned from my previous boss is to wear a pair of scissors around your neck on a pretty ribbon while you're sewing. It makes a small pair of scissors accessible all the time, and you don't have to search for them under fabric or on the floor. It's great for cutting thread ends off, cutting out a small piece of interfacing/fabric, trimming and grading, and anything else you use scissors for. If I get up to use another machine or do something else, I still have scissors right at my fingertips. It's great! I've done it for almost three years now and can't sew without them. I look like an idiot when I don't have them on and I'm grabbing at my chest to find them. Seriously, I walk around my apartment all day with my scissors on! It's pretty embarrassing when I answer the door, or I go somewhere with them on. Maybe I should just start the trend of wearing scissors as jewelry.
(Just so you know, it's hard to take pictures left-handed while trying to hold or cut with scissors.)


  1. You know my mom gave me some scissors and when she passed them on to me they already had the ribbon tied which I think is a great idea because then you don't have to be looking for them when you need them. =D

  2. I would definately love a tutorial about altering...I'm planning on working on some clothes that I've pack away for a while because there was something about them that didn't work...

  3. Great idea! Very practical seamstress fashion! I'd love a tutorial about suit coat alteration. Thanks!


  4. hello, this is a great idea, seen via pinterest link today. If you made the cute lt blue/white dress in the top photo from a pattern would you share the pattern by chance? happy sewing, jeannine

    1. I did make that dress, but I drafted my own pattern so I can't direct you to anything. Sorry! I've never even seen anything like it.

  5. Looks like a european pattern to me. If you ever make and sell the dress pattern, let me know. Thanks!


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