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Dresses and Skirts Photoshoot

Pictures by the fantastic photographer Arielle.
My sailing skirt, so comfortable, so cute. Click here to see it.
There's always room for watermelon. Click here to see the skirt and here to see how I made the belt. (It was so windy I had to hold my skirt down!) I love this glittery dress I wore for Valentine's day. Click here to see how I made it. My lovely 80's striped dress. I love the stripes going opposite directions on the bodice.


  1. Hey pretty lady! The photoshoot looks great! I love the crazy 80's stripes, and that first skirt is too cute! Simply amazing. Thought about starting your own online store? You've got to do something with that skill! :)

  2. These pic look really neat! You look super cute in them! I love your hair too! :)


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