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Ankle Pants

Remember my embarrassingly dyed hands? Well it was worth it because I was able to make these! I had to dye them twice to get it to the color I wanted. It's faintly splotchy, but I think it adds something. The funny thing is everything changed color except all of the stitching so you can see yellow all over. I also hemmed them about four inches above my foot with matching yellow thread. Hopefully it's the right length without being too short or too long. What do you think?
I have to wear pants to work, so this is a twist to keep me cool.
Here's the before. (Even before this they were longer flares. I've had these pants forever so I keep changing them. I paid a good amount for them and want to get everything I can out of them). Here's a close-up, they are getting so worn out. I love them!


  1. Yes, I remember the dyed hands!! The pants turned out great. The length is just fine!

  2. I love those pants! They look fabulous!


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