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Ice Cream Photoshoot

Here's a sneak peak at the photoshoot by Arielle :) More tomorrow.
Let's have some vanilla ice cream. I love ice cream. Even when it makes my hands sticky.
I wore my lovely 1950's dress and pink belt I found at a thrift store.Maybe some cherry ice cream? It was extremely windy. I don't like my face when it's straight. But I love Arielle's creativity and how she makes me look awesome! My hands were really sticky. This one is one of my fave's. I love how you can see my wedding ring :) Great job Arielle!


  1. Thanks for the info about the shops. I kind of understood. I know about DEB. Madeline talks about CheapSkate and Pib's exchange. Have you been to either of those?

  2. I love these shots! Ironically, the ice cream melting is actually quite lovely to look at. It doesn't change the fact that ice cream is still yummy in whatever form. In fact, I used to prefer eating melted ice cream when I was a kid. Everybody thought I was just being considerate by scooping the melted parts of the ice cream and leaving everyone else with the "good" parts. Ha.

    PS-- Beautiful thrift store finds!


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