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I Love Thrifting

My sister and I found these beautiful treasures at the local thrift store. I love thrifting!
My sister's found these shoes. They are the yellow/green color that is really trendy right now. After looking at the bottom of the shoes, we could see they had only been worn once or twice.
The beautiful vest my sister found. It had a seam opening on the side that was easily fixed. The vest is so happy to have a home now. My sister is so photogenic.
I found this jacket. There was nothing wrong with it. How about pairing it with a pencil skirt? I also scored on the skirt. I love the feminine feeling I get from wearing pencil skirts. A blooper picture with the tag still on the skirt.
My favorite find of the day? This perfectly awesome dress. I also found the pink waist belt there. I thought it fit well in the store but these pictures make it look a little big. Should I try to take it in or leave it how it is?


  1. Cute stuff! I think I would narrow the shoulders and take it in under the arms. That black jacjet is adorable!

  2. WOW! You are one lucky, thrifty lady! I'm just dying over the skirt, the shoes and the belt! Thanks for posting your link on IS•LY!

  3. oh, the shoes! and the skirt/jacket combo is fabulous! i say take the dress in, the double breast widens it visually anyway (which, on your frame, looks great!) so tailoring it would be nice. great finds! please post before/after photos if you alter it.


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