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Here’s how to make a flower or circle hair piece. If you want to win it, comment on this post on Patches of Pink!
1. Draw and cut a circle twice as big as the circle you want to end up with.Hair Accessories Tutorial2. Sew a long stitch around the edge.Hair Accessories Tutorial3. Pull the strings so that the fabric circle is gathered. It’ll look like a little balloon.Hair Accessories Tutorial4. Flatten it so the raw edges are centered.Hair Accessories Tutorial5. Iron is flat.Hair Accessories Tutorial6. Here you make a choice. Either have the flat side up like this one, so you see the pattern of the fabric. This side is can be embellished with whatever you like. Hair Accessories TutorialOr have the gathered side up so it looks like a flower. Sew a button in the middle.Hair Accessories Tutorial7. Glue a piece of fabric to the back with a hairclip in between.Hair Accessories Tutorial I chose the flat side and sewed two little buttons on. Here is my adorable sister wearing it! Don’t forget to enter to win!
Hair Accessories Tutorial

Author: Heather