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Frilly Flowers Shirt Tutorial

After going to a bridal shower the other day and seeing that everyone was wearing something with some kind of ruffles, frills, or gathers I knew it was time to make something. I've seen plenty of these cute shirts around, and I even bought one the other day. I should've just made one. Here's a tutorial!
Items needed:
Strips of knit fabric
Sewing machine

1. Get a shirt you want to sew on. I had matching knit fabric and cute contrasting knit fabric. It's important the fabric is knit because it won't fray. I cut strips that were around 1/4" to 1/2". It doesn't have to be perfect because you won't see it after it's sewn. I pinned one strip in a swirly (is that the right word?) like this. I tucked each end under at the beginning and at the end. 2. Sew around in a continual circle. Take the pins out as you go. This part is kind of tricky, but with patience you can do it. I'm one of the most impatient people when something is tedious, but I did it! Here's the first finished flower. 3. I then added more flowers using the same technique. I also added some ribbon bows randomly. I think it's quite cute, and I'm really excited to wear it!


  1. Heather, you are so creative! I wish I could sew like you!!!!!

  2. You did it! I love the yellow!

  3. Good job it looks great.

  4. ooo i like this! i saw one at jcrew that looked just like this!

  5. LOVe the way that looks!


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