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Thought I’d join the PARTY because my favorite shoes have an interesting story. Here is why:Wedding SandalsI had a bunionette (a bunion on the outside of your foot) on my right foot for which I had surgery a month before my wedding. Ya, it’s a little nerve-wracking not knowing if you’re going to have a cast on your wedding day. This means now that I cannot wear certain shoes like high heels or pointy toes.
Here are my {most favorite} and {beautiful wedding} sandals with the awesome foot wrap. There were such a lifesaver because they were the only shoes that didn’t make my foot hurt while it was still healing. Wedding Sandals
Now they’re worn in, but they make me happy to put them on because they are comfortable, adorable, and remind me of the happiest day. Wedding SandalsThere might still be sand on them from our honeymoon to San Diego.Wedding Sandals

Author: Heather