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Nautical Striped Skirt

I made this skirt out of a sheet. The sheet worked out great, and the colors are summerish/nautical. I think it looks pretty good and doesn't look like a pioneer skirt. (That was my first impression when I put it on.) I made pockets and flowers.
The skirt with an outfit (next to my ugly mauve apartment building where no one is allowed to park.)I'm just a little proud of myself because I took these pictures all by myself with the help of the camera timer. It would've been really embarrassing if someone walked by at this time. This is why this picture has no head because of my funny facial expression.
Pocket with one flower.
Pocket with two flowers.
The finished skirt.


  1. Heather, I like this style. Superb job.

  2. Nice blog and I like the outfit.


  3. Sweet skirt! And good photo taking too!

    Blessings, Grace


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