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Love at Home Wall Hanging Tutorial

I made this adorable decor piece for an giveaway with Patches of Pink. Here's the tutorial:
1. I decided to do three squares. The top and bottom are a little under 9" by 9". The middle square is a little under 5" by 5". (It's a little under because you lose some length when you turn it inside out.) *Remember to leave an opening so you can turn it inside out.* 2. Before you turn it inside out, interface one side. I did fusible because it's easy. This gives stability for the embroidery. 3. I sewed small pieces of ribbon in the seam allowance to connect each square. I also sewed a little loop at the top to hang it up. Here's the finished squares without the embroidery. 4. I then drew my letters and pinned the fabric. Then I sewed with my sewing machine along the lines to form the letters. Here it is! Love at Home

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