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Bookend Tutorial

My recipe books keeping tipping over so I decided to make a bookend. Luckily I had some beautiful yellow fabric to use.1. I sewed it into a rectangle leaving one side open and trimmed the corners.2. I laid the corners flat and sewed across making a triangle. This makes a flat bottom for the bookend to sit on. (There's better pictures of this part later in the post.) 3. I cut a strip of fabric and interfaced it so it won't fray. 4. Then I gathered it and sewed it onto the bag. *It ended up being a little short so I added a band of fabric to the top.* Here's the bag done. See kind how the bottom sits like a rectangle? Sewing the corner like a triangle makes the bag three-dimensional. Pretty glass rocks to fill. I should have filled it after finishing some of the top but they looked so pretty inside. 5. Here is where I turned it inside out and sewed across the top leaving and opening to turn it right side out. Now it's filled again. 6. Hand stitch the end closedClose up of bad hand stitching close up of ruffle holding up the books

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  1. What a great idea! A set of these are now on my to do list. I'm lazy about hand stitching though so I'm going to leave the back bottom seam open for turning then just use my machine after filling. It might be a bit tricky with the glass pieces in but I'll try anyhow. Thanks so much for the tutorial and the great idea.


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