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Me Made: Sequin Dress Refashion

This lonely dress was sitting around in the process of being made larger. It's a Jessica McClintock dress, but I'm not sure which era it came from. Luckily, it was given to me to be revived!
This is the dress when I got it, about a size 18.BackThis is the dress with the sides and the zipper taken in so that it fits me.BackI then added a BIG box pleat (I just love box pleats!) behind the slit for modesty along with a 3 inch pleated band along the bottom. This was my first time doing knife pleats. I think I did pretty well. At least you can't see in the pictures how uneven they are.It is cute and so fun to wear! It reminds me a little of the 20's.BackPleatI actually got to wear it last Saturday night to a dance with my husband. Don't we look good?


  1. You two are adorable! I'm really enjoying your blog! Thank you for your brain, Heather!


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