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Ever wondered who thought of the men's tie?

It's an interesting concept: having a piece of fabric tied tightly around your neck. I am very glad I'm not a man that has to wears ties. The story behind the tie is from the 1600's. In this time the wealthy had beautiful lace handkerchiefs that they would use. Louis XIV would tuck his into his shirt like a bib. One day he saw himself in the mirror and thought, "I look GOOD." He told his tailor to make something like that. (Similar to the picture on the left.) Thus the tie was born in all it's forms. After hearing this story, it's not a surprise that men often dribble on their beautiful, silk ties. At least it's not on their shirts, right?


  1. I would often wonder about the origin of ties, especially on my mission, where I was surrounded by elders wearing their prized "Odessa" ties (Your husband will attest)...


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