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Vintage Dresses

My lovely neighbor that inspired me was cleaning out her collection of vintage dresses and let me look through them. Here are a couple I kept:
1950'stwirly 1970's
This one is homemade by my neighbors older sister. It was not quite long enough so it has to be paired with pants1940's
I love this one! It is made of the softest, flowiest fabric. It isn't the best color on me but it's still beautiful. This is me.


  1. Awesome dresses, that's really cool she let you have them. And is that shorter hair? Long or short, it's lovely.

  2. this is shorter hair, and these pictures were actually taken either a year and a half ago. my haircut appointment isn't until monday. . .

  3. I love the 40's dress. It is so pretty.


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