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Striped Formal Dress

I remember when I was first in high school and searching for cheap formal dresses online. I found this certain dress that had thick vertical stripes the whole length of the dress. I thought it was the coolest dress I had ever seen, and I fell in love with it. I had never seen anything like it before. I didn't particularly like the colors and it was really expensive. I never got it but always looked for a dress like it. My senior year of high school a shop opened up in my town where custom prom dresses were made for great prices. I went in with the vertical stripe design, and they were able to make it for me. I chose a dark sky blue (the closest I could find to my favorite color) and white. I left it very simple with no beading but whenever I wear it I always stand out.
I wore it to two other dances too. (I cut out the dates.)

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  1. You look beautiful as usual! Love the dress. Beautiful!! i love this striped formal dresses gret post.


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