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Me Made: Refashioned Shirt Dress

Update: I have made a refashioned shirt dress tutorial so that you can make your own! It's a little simpler than the original, but it's much more comfortable!

I thrifted three men's button up shirts: one for the bodice (taking the sleeves off and tailoring it to me) and the other two shirts sewed them together into a cylinder for the skirt. I gathered the skirt and attached it to the bodice of the dress lining up the buttonholes of the skirt and bodice. I used the buttonhole band from the front of one of the shirts and sewed it around the waist. I then cut sleeves from the originals and sewed them on the bodice.
 This is actually the dress I wore the night I got engaged. It was perfect!
Happy girl


  1. I just found this post while looking for refashioning ideas for men's shirts. This is a gorgeous dress! I love the mix of patterns and how wonderfully tailored it is. The special details like the sleeves and the waistband make it truly extraordinary. I am inspired now!

  2. What a wonderful idea, I will try this if I can find some suitable shirts. x

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