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My Dream Wedding Dress

Every girl has been dreaming up their perfect wedding dress since they were 3 years old, at least I did. I've been dreaming up this dress, adding and emitting things until it was perfect. I even found perfect white striped satin fabric. Once I found the perfect groom to go with it, I drew it up and had a seamstress sew it for me. To see what else she's made click here. I loved wearing it. It was absolutely perfect. Modest, unique, flattering, with my personality written all over it.

 I'm also grateful to my photographer for the beautiful pictures she took! Click here for her website.


  1. I'm stopping by from Beth's shoe party. What a beautiful, classic (and of course, modest) gown. You look stunning.

  2. You sure did a great job!

  3. your wedding dress is breathtaking!!!

  4. Your dress turned out lovely! I just can't believe that you went out on the mud flats of The Great Salt Lake to take pictures! Bet you were wanting to make sure it stayed clean! We live up in Davis County. Funny cause I found you from reading Shey's blog from A Skirt A Day! So I just started to read some of your older posts.
    The minute I read the banner and all that you said about being/sewing modest clothing; I thought.... hmmmm, wonder if she is LDS. I do love the separate section where you've spelled out your/our beliefs. I've been thinking about doing something of that sort. Great idea!


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