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Refashioned Prom Dress: Snow White or Belle

I wanted my formal dresses to be different from everyone else because I feel like at my school everyone always looked the same. I bought a cheap, simple, modest A-line royal blue dress and a discount store. I wore a poofy slip with it and added a pale yellow to the bottom. I used a lot of fabric and gathered it to make it very full. On the dress I gathered little spots here and there. I put yellow sequins and beads at each gather. Also, I beaded yellow beads around the empire waist to pull together the colors. All my friends told me they couldn't decide if I looked like Snow White or Belle.

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  1. you did a great job, I wonder how it would look if instead of the yellow fabric you could have done a different color in a tulle, still full or fuller .the best part is that you are modest and you radiate


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