Metallic Silver Skater Skirt

One of the fabrics I thrifted last week was a gorgeous liquid-like silver sweater knit. It was a little under two yards, so I decided to make a circle skirt. I LOVE circle skirts. They are super easy and quick to make and so flattering.
I cut the skirt in a full circle and cute the sides longer than the front and the back. Then I cut a simple waistband, sewed it to the skirt, and inserted elastic. Just simple and quick.
I hemmed the skirt with my serger and did a wide rolled edge hem. This is the first time in four years that I've done a rolled edge on my serger and not had the thread break! I was so happy that it worked without me fiddling with the tension. Hopefully, it will keep working for me.
Whenever I wear circle skirts I feel like I'm an amazing dancer. I want to dance through the day and point my toes.


Thrifted Fabric and A Story of Generosity

I don't have anything freshly sewn to show you, but I do have a special story from last week. 

Last week I went for a walk with the kids. While we were out walking I felt like I should go to the thrift store within walking distance. I didn't want to go because I always spend money. I went anyway and found some great bags of fabric. We kept walking around the store and looked at some kid shoes. (I can never resist kids shoes.) Then a lady walked up to me and asked if those were bags of fabric that I had. I warily said, "yes," wondering if she wanted to take the bags or split up the fabric inside. Then she said that she had a whole bunch of fabric in her car that she wanted to go to someone who would use it. I was almost speechless with surprise, but luckily I said thank you. I also told her that I make almost all of my kids clothes, so the fabric would definitely be used. We both checked out, she ran to her car and gave me over ten yards of fabric and then left. And it's wonderful beautiful fabric; let me show you. 
Here's all the fabric piled together.The fabric on the left is the fabric the nice lady gave to me, and the fabric on the right is thrifted.
The lace is a dark lavender and it's stretchy. The middle fabric is a really light knit fabric almost like a vintage tricot. The last fabric is a soft colored organza fabric with beautiful colors and swirls.
The two solid colors are wovens. I'm guessing they are a batiste or a voile because they have a really great drape. I'm sure they are 100% cotton because they feel very strong when wet. (Cotton is stronger when wet!) The striped fabric is some sort of synthetic woven fabric that I haven't quite figured out. It has a very soft hand.
The woven plaid is like a medium weight suiting fabric. I love the colors and the plaid, but it's cut too short for anything for me. I'm not quite sure what to make with it. The silver metallic fabric is a sweater knit with a crepe-like back. I have already cut it into a gorgeous circle skirt! The windowpane plaid fabric is like a purpley/grayish-/brownish that I love. I love browns that are almost grays. I think I'm going to make a wearable muslin for a blazer and then use some awesome fabric once the pattern is perfected.
These are the gifted fabrics. The two on the left are medium weight canvas like fabric. I'm already planning on turning the striped fabric into pretty fabric boxes for storage. The fabric on the right is a gorgeous chambray, at least ten yards of it! I can make a shirt for me, my husband, and my kids and have some leftover! I haven't decided what to make with it, but it'll be great.
Has someone given you something great recently?
I hadn't been praying for fabric specifically, but I had been praying for other things. Maybe I was an answer to her prayer, but this experience just confirmed to me that God loves me and is aware of me.


More Pleated Pencil Skirts

I have had these two pencil skirts cut out since last October. They just kept getting pushed to the bottom of the list or I lost my motivation to make them. But I finally finished them. I used the Pleated Pencil Skirt Pattern by Delia Creates. I've made this pattern before and this time I did a couple of alterations to make it fit me perfectly.
I used a thrifted charcoal gray herringbone fabric. I had to kind of piece together the waistband and switch the grainline, but I love how it turned out. From far away it just looks like a charcoal skirt so it's the perfect basic. I really love the center back pleat of this pattern. It's unique and cute.
My sister gave me this beautiful fabric for my birthday, and now I get to wear it as a cute skirt. She made a great blazer with it and was kind enough to give me the leftovers. (Only fabric lovers love getting leftover fabric, right?) The fabric is a floral jacquard with coral and ivory.
I just love wearing pencil skirts. They make me feel so feminine.
I did really struggle with the zipper. I installed an invisible zipper twice and it still didn't work. The fabric frays so easily, so I couldn't keep seam ripping the fabric. The fabric was too thick at the waistband so it kept breaking the zipper. To fix it and make it actually possible to zip on and off I just cut out the invisible zipper. Then I just sewed a basic ivory zipper on top of the seam. It looks like an exposed zipper even though it wasn't originally planned that way.
I have had this outfit planned since I first made this polka dot shirt and had the skirt cut out next to it. I just love the contrast and play on the patterns. Sorry, I didn't put the outfits on. The kids have been sick and not napping very well or too well, so it's just the clothes today. Have a great weekend!



Sparkly Little Black Dress

I've had this black dress planned since last May. A perfect, shimmery, LBD. I used the Staple Dress Pattern again. I love the simple casual fit and look, but the fabric gives it a touch of glamour. I think it'd be easy to dress up for a nice event, but it can be dressed down too.
I'm wearing it with a belt to give it a nice cinchy waist, but the three rows of shirring at the waist are great too. I also did the high-low hem to help with the glam. This is the first time I've made a Staple Dress without making any alterations or adding any details.
I used a gorgeous viole from fabric.com that was on sale for around $5 a yard I think. I can't remember exactly since it was so long ago. It's a black fabric with a gorgeous metallic silver shimmer printed on the ride side of the fabric.
I even like how it looks without a belt. I'm in the process of making an awesome blazer that I hope to wear with this and most of my other Staple Dresses.


Moto Inspired Pants Upcycle

This is the very last make of KCW which I'm finally blogging. (Sometimes taking pictures is the only thing that holds me back from blogging.) As you can see, I didn't really pose or style Henry. This is all real, superhero cape and all. I upcycled some of my husband's tan pants to make some nicer casual pants for Henry. I love being able to use the fly front from RTW pants. He can wear them to play, but he can also wear them to dressier events. I used the Tree Climber Trousers pattern because I love it and because the pattern was ready to be used. Once I piece and tape and cut out a pattern, if it fits well I will make the pattern 294,857 times. 
I made the knees extra strong, so they should last a long time. On the knees I did a layer of the tan fabric, a layer of interlock, and a layer of quilting cotton, and then I did some quilting stitches every inch horizontally. They have strength and a bit of cushion. I added some cool chevron quilted cotton in the pocket facings. It's the same cotton on the inside of the knees. I also reused the back pockets and made them smaller for these pants. I really like the look of the top hem that I just can't recreate.
Henry loves these pants. He likes how they keep his knees "safe."
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