Striped Floral Surplus Staple Dress

I made another staple dress. I have a problem. At least I admit it, right? I totally love this pattern. I will use it forever. If I were a dress, this would be me. Stripes, floral, blue colors, feminine, flattering but not too tight, comfortable, nursing and somewhat maternity friendly, and a quick sew.
This time I cut it off at the waist and cut two half circle skirts out of a striped voile. It's so soft and somewhat sheer so I did two layers. I altered the bodice to be a surplus top for nursing. I used a soft floral woven that I found in the remnant bin. It's so soft and drapey. I added elastic to the waist line to give me a cinched waist. I love that it's flattering and feminine, but it gives me breathing room. It's comfortable and breezy. I'm a little worried about making it work for Fall and Winter. Any idea's for wearing it with layers?
These fabrics are so gorgeous and perfect together. It was a match made it heaven. I love all the different blues and how well they go together. There's also a really light peach flower on the top that warms it up. I have a little bit of each fabric left to make some pretty things for Claire. I also added a snap at the neckline so I wouldn't flash anyone. The fabric was just a little to soft and drapey that it wouldn't always stay as closed as I wanted it.
The skirt is so drapey and flowy. I feel like a princess when I wear it. The stripes of the skirts go opposite directions which is really cool in real life. The stripes are really hard to photograph so they don't show up well!
Here's to the staple dress! I have one more planned, a LBD coming up soon!


Sewing Area and Playroom

In our new place we have expanded our square footage almost three times, but we don't have a an extra room with a door on it. Instead we have a bonus room between the kitchen and front room, and it has become the sewing area and playroom.
I used a built in desk in our last apartment, so when we moved I got to pick something new. I researched and researched. I decided on an L-shaped desk to have enough room for projects and have space for both of my machines. Well, corner desks are really expensive. I didn't need a whole lot of features, just space. I found a really great desk for a really great price, but the company was so frustrating to work with (they lost my first order, didn't have a way to communicate besides email, and wouldn't ship the replacement quickly even though it was their fault!) that I can't comfortably recommend it. If you are really interested, email me and we'll talk about it. The desk does not have any drawers just two shelves on one end.
To the left of my machine I have a ALGOT storage rack. It has wire drawers on the bottom that have all my small scraps and some knit items to refashion. Above it I have all my upcoming projects. It's a bit of a mess right now because I've started working on the kid's Fall/Winter collection. I pull out more than I need and slowly whittle it down. I almost purchased the MULIG valet stand to hold my upcoming projects, but it wasn't quite tall enough.
Here you can see some of the playroom on the right. It is actually great now that Henry will play happily next to me while I sew. I love sewing while still feeling included in the family stuff going on. Especially when my husband is home playing with the kids, I can sew and not feel guilty about shut off in another room. Don't mind the BYU flag on the window; it's college football season. And notice the two rolls of trims on the window shelf. I might use the windowsill for my sewing stuff.
Not pictured are two small built in closets behind me that hold the rest of my fabric, my craft supplies, my patterns, and kid's craft supplies.
Above my sewing machine I have all my thread, sharp tools, and pictures that make me happy. The fitting room board at the top used to be lots of pastel colors, but I spray painted it white for a simpler look. Eventually I'll paint the letters, but it can wait until later. Above my serger I have a bulletin board that I spray painted white and added washi tape to the border. Then I have a thread spool wreath above that.
Two of my paintings are from my friend Sunnie. She does amazing watercolors with a folk-tale fantasy vibe. She has these and other prints that you can purchase in her shop. I have The Wolf and the Hare and The White Elk prints. I framed them in white to make them stand out. (I really wish my walls were white or some other color though.) She did not pay me to say this; my opinions are my own.
Above my thread I hung the GRUNDTAL magnetic knife, and I store all my sharp tools out of the reach of small hands. I also hang my safety pins and large pins on the top of my thread rack. Besides hanging all my upcoming projects on the ALGOT stand, I have two crocheted bins that I store other tools out of the kid's way. Down under the serger are two open shelves. For now I'm storing my sewing box, buttons, some snaps, and a bin of elastic. The bottom shelf has to stay somewhat open because Henry uses it as his garage.


Fur Collar Plaid Vest and Giveaway

I'm getting excited for Autumn. I have loved summer, but I walk with the kids everyday. It's just too hot to be walking around while pushing too kids. The slightly cooler weather has been awesome, and I look forward to layering up this Fall. Today I'm sharing a vest I made using the book Basic Black: 26 Edgy Essentials for the Modern Wardrobe, and I'm giving three away books to you my wonderful readers!
I decided to make the coat with the asymmetrical collar, but I made it into a vest instead. I quilted the shoulders, made the collar out of fur, added ribbing to the sleeves and hem, and added giant buttons down the front.
The book was great. There are lots and lots of different styles and different sizes. It's in English, and I love have one book with lots of patterns. I don't mind tracing a pattern and then using it. I liked how the patterns were set up because they are laid out so it would be easy to do different mash ups of the styles. There are some loose pieces and fitted pieces, so there's something for everyone. I would recommend the book for more intermediate sewers because not everything is spelled out in the instructions.
I love that it looks good buttoned and unbuttoned. I love that it's plaid and on trend for this Fall. I used a plaid wool fabric that I found in a church and made a coat for Henry. I still have five or more yards of it!
It's pretty bold, but it looks good with a simple sweater and a gingham button up shirt. It has so many colors I'm sure I'll find lots of things to match with it.


Pom Pom Diaper Cover

Claire fits in the adorable pom pom diaper cover now. She's not quite crawling, but I couldn't wait to share the adorableness of the pom poms.
These pom poms are great because it doesn't bother her when she sits down or moves around. She even took naps with the diaper cover on!
Nakie baby chub is the best. And so are those pom poms!
See the diaper cover tutorial after the break.


Floral and Striped Linen Shirts

This shirt has a crazy back story. I purchased this striped linen fabric before I moved to SLC. So I bought this fabric more than three years ago. I had the idea to make a linen top with a collar and a chevron yoke button placket. Well, it was never made. Then a couple of weeks ago I was at Hancock's and happened to buy Simplicity 2447 for $1. It's basically the pattern I had been looking for! I was so glad I didn't have to make my own pattern. Sometimes I'm lazy.
I only had about a yard of fabric so I had to fill in with some other fabric. I used some floral fabric from a tank top in my stash. I used it for the band, the back yoke, the pocket, and a sleeve tab. Then I used navy linen for the under collar and button placket. I wish I could've done longer sleeves, but I didn't have enough fabric to do more than short sleeves.
I like it that it's loose and comfy for summer. But it'll look great with a pencil skirt too. I love the floral pop. I originally thought it would be a basic and versatile shirt, but now it's something that can stand out on it's own. I'm a little sad it took me so long to make it and that it's at the end of summer, so I won't be able to wear it very much.
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