Summer Sweater with Lace Details

The other day I found some pretty coral fabric similar to hacci sweater knit for only $1 per yard at Walmart. Well, you had me at $1 even if it was Walmart. And the coral color was SO pretty. (I'm really crushing on coral and navy right now!) I purchased two yards and decided to make some sort of sweater. Since it's not close to fall, I made a half sleeve sweater so I can still wear it now. I also wanted to make something that I could dress down or something I could wear with a skirt. I made a drawstring dropped waist that could be tucked in with a funnel and drawstring neck. I also added lace details to give it interest.
I had some leftover lace that I cut off of a wedding dress hem. I cut it into four pieces and added it to the shoulders and sleeve hems. I cut out the coral fabric underneath at the hem. I really like the juxtaposition of the casual drawstring casings next to the delicate lace and delicate sweater fabric. I made it long so I can bend over and chase my children and tuck into skirts.
Pattern: I drafted it myself. I made it loose and long with a funnel neck. I decided to add the drawstrings and lace after cutting it out. I wanted something similar to this burdastyle pattern which I'm planning on buying this Fall.
Fabric: $2 hacci sweater like fabric from the sale rack at Walmart
Time: 2 hours
Cost: $1.75 fabric (I didn't use the whole two yards) and $.25 for the twill tape for drawstring.


Stamped Fabric: Creating My Own Prints

This week I taught some of my friends how to stamp on fabric, so I got to make some of my own. I haven't stamped in awhile and I forgot how much I love it. I really enjoy creating my own prints. And this is my only contribution to Kid's Clothes Week because we're moving in a week. Hopefully I'll be able to sew with this fabric in the next month!
I stamped this soft striped peach jersey that I have used in multiple pieces. First I stamped some bright blue whales. It didn't feel quite finished so I used some gold and stamped some anchors. I really love this fabric. It's only about half of a yard so I'll probably make and outfit for Claire. I'm thinking leggings and maybe a tunic or dress. It depends on how much I have left I guess! What knit top or dress patterns do you love for babies?
My SIL made this skirt more than a year ago and gave it to me when she was tired of it. I wore it and then got tired of it. I decided to stamp some dark gray walruses on it. I'm thinking a long-sleeved top for myself for this winter. A simple design so that the walruses and stripes can shine.
This last one I haven't decided how I feel about it yet. I cut open a men's blue t-shirt. I wanted to stamp a word so I chose Aaah because it's something kids say. I stamped in black first, then a bright blue so the black is like an echo. I wanted to make it more readable so I added some light blue dots as the negative space in the letters. I don't think it's that readable. I love the idea, but I don't think it was executed that well. What do you think?


Leather Baby Shoes

My brother and his family are moving across the country so they are getting rid of lots of stuff. My SIL had purchased a leather hide awhile back to fix her couch. She decided not to take it with them, so she gave it to me. Can you believe she gave me a hide of leather?! To repay her I made her daughter a bunch of new leather shoes and I made doubles of each for Claire. Leather was actually satisfying to work with and wasn't too difficult.
These bow shoes are basic baby shoes with a bow added to the top. I altered this baby shoe pattern to make it work with the leather. I really like the simplicity of these shoes with a statement bow on them.
I decided to make some mary janes for nicer functions. I altered the free pleated mary jane pattern. I eliminated the pleats because they would be too hard to do with leather (or maybe I was too lazy to figure it out.) I added elastic straps that hopefully will be tight enough. My SIL got all leather on the outside, but I LOVED the look of the suede so I tried flipping it for Claire. It stretched more so I had to add two little pleats at the toes.
I also made some little leather boots, and they might be my very favorite. They are so simple but will be great for winter. They will look so cute with tights or leggings. I used the free little red riding boots pattern. I had to alter them a little to work with leather, but it's easier because I don't have to line them. The suede is so soft and comfortable inside.
All new leather shoes for a winter baby. Hopefully Claire's feet will be big enough this winter!


DIY Loose Polka Dotted Top

I think I have a problem. I have made multiple versions of The Staple Dress and have more versions I want to make. It might also be because we're packing up to move in a couple of weeks, and it's the only pattern easily accessible.
I added leather tabs and snaps to the shoulders and sleeve hems. I love the little details it adds to the simple look of the top. (You can tell I added shirring to the waistline and took it out because I didn't like the look.)
Pattern: The Staple Dress. I cut it into a hi-lo shirt, raised the neckline in the front and back, and added leather tabs.
Fabric: Peachskin from fabric.com. (It's on sale right now too!) It is a polyester, but it has a really soft hand and fluid drape. It breathes well too.
Time: 2 hours
Cost: $2.79 per yard and I used two yards, so $5.58 plus a little bit of leather and some snaps.


Graphic Print Challenge

I had the fun opportunity to participate in Skirt Fixation's Fabric Swap Challenge this month. I signed up for the graphic fabric swap. Go over there to see how I turned the fabric on the left to the top on the right! and don't forget to vote for me on Friday!
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