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KCW Day 3: More Girl's Clothes

Of my three kids, my middle child needed the most clothes this Kids Clothes Week. (She goes through multiple clothes a day!) My other two kids just need a few items, so I'm holding off on theirs until the most important items are finished first. I'm not sure if I'm going to get to my other kids this week; I might have to do another week to finish my list. I love being able to crank out a whole ton and one time and work through my to-upcycle pile.
First, I have another Mini Briar. I used a women's swing tee for the body and the sleeves and used a remnant (from this swing tee) for the pocket and neckband. 
The original tee was off-grain in the back so I tried to fix it and reuse the hem which made the back hem a little wonky. I'm bothered but not bothered enough to fix the hem. It has a really nice drape so I might be the only one who ever notices it. (And all of you now!)
 I love the tee and wish I had one in my size!
And one more Mini Briar. It's the last one, I promise!
I also upcycled an adult swing tee for this shirt. I reused the hems, the pocket, and the neckband. The colors are great and stripes are always a win. It's basic enough that I'm hoping it can work well in her wardrobe.
This one doesn't drape quite as well, but it's still a comfy, loose tee that'll be perfect for summer.
She was looking at a wasp in the steps. She didn't want to get stung, but she was fascinated watching it!
Lastly, I made some little shorts. I chopped up some leggings that I don't wear anymore with this free legging pattern, and I cut it into shorts. It's actually a swimsuit fabric so these might because swim shorts for her. I already know that she'll need multiple swimsuits to keep up with her active self.
I added some elastic to the front for a cool detail. I just cut some 1/4" elastic shorter than the length of the front of the shorts and then stretched it while I sewed it to the shorts. Then I hemmed the shorts and added the waist elastic. I went the easy route and did everything with a zigzag stitch.
They are slightly big and longer than I wanted, but that means they will fit all summer!


1 Fat Quarter Skirt Tutorial

My daughter has started getting interested in skirts so I decided to make some simple ones with fat quarters. These work great for babies and toddlers, but wouldn't work well for anyone older since they are shorter. I attached either shorts or a diaper cover since she's so active and needs coverage underneath. The diaper cover was easier, but I like the look of the shorts better.
This first one I made using a tricycle fabric fat quarter that I designed. I made a trike stamp when Henry was little which I stamped on a paper. I scanned it and manipulated it in the computer for a fabric design. I kept it looking stamped because I love the look of stamped fabric. It's a perfect fabric for busy little kids.
You can see the diaper cover peaking out here. It's blue with white polka dots.
I made another one using a kite fabric fat quarter. This one was also created using a stamp I have. I used both purple and mint paint so it came out multicolored. (You can also get just purple kite fabric and just mint kite fabric.)I manipulated it to look more like it was watercolored, and I love how it turned out. The mint does show up as well in these pictures as they do in real life. It also reads "childhood" to me.
Here are the knit shorts underneath. They match well, but I didn't attach them to the skirt correctly. I need to figure out a different way to do it.
Quick Instructions
1. Cut the fat quarter in half crosswise.
2. Sew each piece together on the short sides. Finish edges. Optional: baste diaper cover or shorts to the waste inside the skirt.
3. Sew casing around the top and insert elastic.
4. Hem the bottom.
Kites and skinned knees of summer. I purposely designed the kites to look like they were watercolored.


KCW Day 1: Girl's Clothes

My kids need to bulk up their summer wardrobes so Kids Clothes Week has come at the perfect time. And since I'm in the middle of Me Made May I need a break from sewing for myself.
I cut out a bunch of clothes to be sewn over the weekend so I could start sewing today. I sewed a couple over the weekend and some today. I have a pretty good list of things to get through this week and I really hope to get through all of it! 
This first is a dress. I used the Mini Briar pattern size 2 and version 1; version 1 is the cropped version but it's long on Claire. I took out a little of center front and from the sides since this girly is tiny. I cut up a tunic for this shirt using the existing sleeve hems. I reused the gathered section on the bottom and attached it as a skirt so I could reuse the hem. It's a little long, but it's perfect for growing into. (Don't mind her crazy hair, I didn't comb it before the picture.)
I cut up another tee I used to wear with the Briar pattern. I reused the neckline and bound armhole. The only issue with this dress is it's very light and semi-transparent. I don't think she can just wear it by itself. It's either going to be a swimsuit cover or she has to wear it over something.
I made Henry a bodysuit with fox printed fabric when he was tiny and now it fits Claire, but she's in the opposite season then he was. So I chopped off the legs and chopped off the sleeves. It's so adorable I had to make it last. I'm trying to decide if I want to hem it or not.
Claire wore these cute polka dotted joggers all winter and then I chopped them off so she can wear them as shorts all summer.
I made Henry some leggings with some walrus printed fabric when he was little, and he wore them all the time. Claire fits in them but the knees were looking bad, so I also chopped them off into shorts. I think I need to take a little more off. They're adorable, and I'll make them last as long as possible!
I used a free 0-3 mos leggings pattern by Climbing the Willow to make some pants for Maggie. The green ones are from a tee shirt, the mint ones are from a cotton spandex jersey remnant, and the bow printed leggings were designed by me on organic cotton jacquard. (I can't tell you how fun it is to design your own fabric, and then make clothing from it! I love seeing my kids wearing fabric that I designed!)
I also made a tiny newborn diaper cover from some pink pentagon fabric. It's so cute. I love diaper covers! I used MADE Everyday free diaper cover pattern.


Me Made May Week 3

My thoughts on Me Made May so far are:
  • I dislike selfies and feel weird posting one everyday.
  • When it's hot I wear a tee and shorts. Nothing very interesting, but I'm thinking of starting to wear skirts or dresses to break it up. Skirts and dresses aren't always great for kneeling on the floor or sitting in the grass with my kids.
  • I basically wear the same colors: navy, denim, turquoise, mint, white, and a couple of others.
  • It's been easier to get rid of clothes I don't want to wear because I realize that I don't want to wear it. Before I would just push it aside and think I'd wear it another day.
  • I thought I'd be bothered about wearing items again, but I'm actually not. When I started repeating items, I was okay because those are the items that I love and I like wearing them often.
  • I have tried and true patterns, but only three. Just kidding, there's a couple more than three, but I feel like I really don't use a lot of patterns. As long as I happy with the results and wear them, right?
Day 15
Dress Nursing-friendly maxi-length Out and About Dress (with pockets!)
Day 16
Cardigan: Long gray cardigan with pockets using the Grandpa Cardi pattern (affiliate link)
Shirt: pink floral vneck using the Union St Tee pattern (affilliate link)
Pants: altered bootcut jeans
Day 17
Cardigan: Long blue cardigan with pockets using the Grandpa Cardi pattern (affiliate link)
Shirt: happy rain vneck tee (not yet blogged) using the Union St Tee pattern (affilliate link)
Pants: RTW skinny jeans
Day 18
Shirt: striped tee using the Union St Tee pattern (affilliate link)
Pants: Chambray joggers
Day 19
Shirt: A floral lawn tunic using the Cheyenne tunic (affiliate link)
Leggings: Black RTW leggings

Day 20
Shirt: flamingo vneck tee using the Union St Tee pattern (affilliate link)
Shorts: Cuffed shorts (tutorial)
Day 21
Sweater: thrifted RTW sweater in mint
Shirt: chambray button up shirt using a Burdastyle pattern, the Long Sleeve Blouse
Pants: altered bootcut jeans


GIFT IDEA: Babysitting Voucher Free Printable

Hello! I am Sarah, Heather's sister. She is letting me post one of my creations as a free printable for those of you looking for a cute gift idea!
Every mom needs a break sometimes. Babysitting Vouchers give her the ability to take a break when she needs it the most!
For anyone who knows Heather's husband, you know that he is really good at giving gifts. Well, he sometimes asks me to help. (I know that he would be fine without me, but I think he knows that I like to be involved). For Mother's Day, he had the idea of giving Heather a babysitting voucher. He pre-arranged it with a girl in the neighborhood so Heather would be able to call her anytime to babysit. He couldn't find a printable that he liked so he commissioned me to use my new-found skill to create one.
Here is a PDF file for a "guilt free" download! You may print on regular paper or cardstock for extra protection from those little fingers.
FREE Babysitting Voucher Printable
 I do the lettering by hand and then digitize it to clean it up and add color. The photo above shows the original next to the final. You can see that there are a lot of spots that needed to be cleaned up. And of course everything is better with color. 
Enjoy this free printable and look for more coming in the future!

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