A Thoughtfully Sewn Wardrobe: Wardrobe Architect

I have wanted to go through the wardrobe architect series ever since it came out. I just kept putting it off and putting it off. Lately I've realized that I sew a lot and sew a lot for myself, but then sometimes it never gets worn. I spend time and sometimes money making something only to have it sit in my closet. I mean, I claim that I'm making custom clothing that fits me perfectly, but then I don't wear it and feel guilty that I don't wear it. I finally realized something needed to change. I'm now committed to only make what I'll love and wear, and to love everything in my closet.
My sister and I started on the wardrobe architect journey together to encourage each other. I've only gotten about halfway through it, but I'll share what I've done so far. If you're interested in following along, you can see my core style pinterest board.
The words that define my core style are: happy, comfortable, relaxed. That's the feelings that I want to portray and feel with everything that I wear. These are the pictures that inspire me and make me happy.
1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6
The silhouettes that I love at the moment are similar to these.
1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6
I think part of my problem with colors is that my color story 8 years ago when I was shopping a lot for myself is different that it is now when I hardly go shoppping. It's hard to switch over without a lot of money and to admit to myself that the colors in my closet aren't my colors anymore. My color story is this.
1, 2, 3, 4
Now after all these I've come to the realization that I mostly like to wear solids, solids with texture, stripes, small polka dots, and small florals. I had a really hard time with this because as a seamstress, I appreciate a really good print. I LOVE them, but I often don't wear them. I want to buy all the prints, but then I have a hard time deciding what to do with them. And if I do make something with them, I don't pull it out of my closet. So here are some fabrics I really love, and here's to commiting to wearing solids and simple prints that make me happy. I haven't figured it out completely, so these are just a few.
1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9
Have you tried the wardrobe architect? How do you make sure you love everything you buy or make?


Ishi Dress Pattern Review

A couple of weeks ago, An from StraightGrain Patterns asked for testers for her new pattern, the Ishi Dress Pattern. I jumped at the chance because I love her patterns. (I tested for her about a year ago; Claire was SO tiny!) She has a great, unique style and very professional patterns. The Ishi Dress pattern is no different. It's a dress with princess lines, short or long sleeves, and great big, fantastic pockets on the side. 
I used a white dotted fabric I found in the remnant bin at Joaans and silver fabric I thrifted a couple of weeks ago. My daughter is shorter than average so the dress is a little bit long, but it's such a cute dress.
I LOVE the curved princess lines. The dots and silver metallic is just perfect. There's also a invisible zipper up the back which is the best and makes it easy to get on and off.
Claire doesn't understand pockets yet, but she does love taking things out whenever I put something in them. I did the diagonal pockets. I can't wait until she gets a little bigger and can start filling up the pockets herself!
ishi tour button


Pompom Hi-Lo Top

I've decided to start going through the Wardrobe Architect series. It means I'm a lot more thoughtful in things that I make for myself. I'll share more once I get farther into the series if you're even interested. I made myself a simple hi-lo Henley with a pompom trim that I made using a pattern from the book She Wears the Pants. I liked almost all of the designs in the book, but I'm just not hipster and cool enough to wear most of them. I really enjoyed looking through all the pictures and designs. I loved the book, but I would recommend it to intermediate seamstresses since the instructions and pictures are a little sparse.
I decided on the boxy pompom top from the book. I loved the simplicity and the shape. I lengthened it by 10" and added a button placket to the front. I also added striped bias and pompom trim to all the edges. I used a really tiny pompom trim that I hated sewing with, but I love how it turned out. I used thrifted fabric. It's a gorgeous blue cotton woven that drapes really well.
I'm wearing DIY leggings that I wore all winter and have since shortened them into capris for the summer. This is a great top for the summer, and I think it'll be fun over a swimsuit. It's so soft and fluid.
The batteries in my camera remote died, and I haven't gotten new ones yet. The last couple of outfit posts, I have Henry stand on a chair and push the button. He makes the funniest faces while he's taking pictures which makes me laugh. He's is such a silly boy.


Lace Out and About Dress

I made myself an Easter dress to go along with the kid's Easter clothes. I had this beautiful blush stretch lace fabric that looked similar to the dress I upcycled for Claire's Easter dress. I used the Out and About Dress pattern. (The last one I made was a maxi dress.) I took out some of the width from the skirt and added flare. Each piece is lined with a thin teal jersey. It's a gorgeous fabric that's too thin to use by itself. It's the perfect light lining fabric for the lace. And it's gives the lace a great undertone. I also did a lace neckband which I hated while I sewed it because the knit neckband was really frustrating to sew. But I love how it turned out!
I didn't face the pockets so it's a nice pop of teal from the side. A dress with pockets: fantastic!
I really love this dress. It's so simple so I can wear it alone, but I can dress it up easily too. It's so comfortable and the skirt is swingy. It's been great to wear even though I'm finally getting around to posting it.
I think I've lost my curly hair. When I was a teenager I had pretty curly hair, and I loved it. I love the beachy, wavy look and really identify with it. I'm realizing now after two kids that my curly hair is straightening out. It doesn't defuse like it used to and it doesn't hold a curl like it used to. I'm okay with my hairstyle right now, but I'm constantly mourning my easy, curly hair.


Leather Baby Bow Moccs: Growing Babies

Last summer I made Claire some leather baby shoes with bows. She was still so little and not crawling yet. She still had her baby hair mullet. She was chubby and my little baby. I was so excited for her to grow and wear the cute shoes. She was born with really tiny feet. I kept thinking her feet would grow, and she'd soon fit into these shoes. Well, her feet grew but didn't grow quickly enough. She started crawling and walking early, so she needed something to protect her feet while we explored outside. I let her wear these shoes for protection and warmth even though they were too big. They were the only shoes that stayed on her feet. She wore them throughout the Fall and Winter, and they were perfect.
She wore them so much that she walked toe holes into them. Now that I look at these I see that she's moving past being a baby. She's growing up. She's exploring the world and her personality is beginning to shine. I'm nervous about her large amount of determination. The phrase "though she be but little she is fierce" fits her perfectly. I'm sad that she's growing and that she's not my little baby. But she gets more fun everyday. It's such a bittersweet thing seeing kids grow up.
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