Cozy Winter Long Sweatshirts: Take 2

While I was hitting publish to my post about my cozy sweatshirts yesterday, I realized I had two more cozy sweatshirts from the same pattern that I had forgotton to take pictures of. So you get another dose of my momiform today.
This first floral one is my favorite. It's a ponte de roma knit that I got for the purpose of making a sweatshirt. It's not quite as stiff as sweatshirt fleece, but it works pretty well for this purpose. I want a floral sweatshirt so bad, but I'm not willing to fork out the money for fabric. (I should just buy a RTW one.) I didn't quite have enough so I did some colorblocking at the widest part of the sleeves. I love how it breaks up the print. This one also has an extra two inches on the sleeves and the hem.
In this picture of the floral sweatshirt you can see more of the orange/coral flowers that match the sleeves and ribbing. It's hard to see from far away. On the gray you can see the fabric pieces that I added for more length.
This gray one I made without making any alterations to the pattern. It was my first: a wearable muslin. I did add a thick band to the neckline for a cozy neckline. The overall length is great, but the sleeves were too short so I cut them and added some matching fabric. It made them overly long, but I like them that way. I also sewed some long buttonholes to the sleeve bands for thumbholes which I love. This gray is a thicker heathered gray jersey. It's a great basic piece.
What is you cozy, winter momiform this year?


Cozy Winter Long Sweatshirts

I've been missing this week because Henry cut his chin on Tuesday and had to get stitches. You can see all the pictures of the ER visit on instagram. We would have taken him to an urgent care, but they would have sent us the children's hospital ER because they are better at preventing big scars on the face.
Anyway, that stopped me from any chance of posting for a couple of days. And since I've only wanted to wear extra cozy and comfortable clothes. So these two sweatshirts have been all I've wanted to wear. (I actually made two more but have yet to take pictures.) I made three using this free raglan sweatshirt pattern. I'm wearing my cozy leggings with every sweatshirt.
This first one is a micro fleece floral one with the back half of the sleeves green and a green pocket. I love floral sweatshirts and am finding ways to make it without spending a ton specialty floral sweatshirt fabric. I only had white ribbing so I used a dyeing technique that my friend figured out, dyeing with acrylic paint. It turned out a cute mint green color.
I lengthened the sleeves and overall length by two inches for both of these. I have really long arms and wanted a tunic length. The pattern is two general sizes, but it works perfectly for my needs.
The other one I made is a soft pink terry knit. I used the fuzzy side out on the torso and the fuzzy side in on the sleeves. I used black ribbing and appliqued a black heart to the front. I love heart sweaters and sweatshirts and finally got around to making myself one. I only had two sided fusible fleece one hand and it worked great. It makes the heart slightly stiff, but I'm sure it'll soften up with washing. (You can see Henry below with a band-aid on his chin covering the stitches.)


Vintage White Sweater Dress - It Wasn't Thrown Away

When I first thought about something that hasn't been thrown away for more than twenty years, I could only think of one thing: my baby blanket. I've had it almost my whole life, but I don't currently have it in my house so I couldn't take a picture. 
I do have some dresses for Claire that my mom wore as a baby though. One in particular actually fits Claire right now. It's an adorable little white sweater dress. She's worn in to church a couple of times this winter. It is so cute and such a different style than what you can purchase or make right now.
My grandmother is not alive anymore so that I can ask her why she kept this dress, but I have a few ideas. My mom is the baby of the family, and they waited a couple of years for her to come. My grandparents moved across the Atlantic multiple times, so they never got to keep very much throughout their lives. My grandmother grew up in war torn Germany and so everything from her childhood was destroyed by bombs. She didn't have anything from her childhood to pass onto her kids. I'm guessing she held onto this very special dress for sentimental reasons, and to give my mom a chance to have something from her childhood that my grandmother never did. I love dressing Claire in something with so much history and love.
This post is part of a blog train hosted by Agatha from Green Issues by Agy on "I Didn't Throw It Away".
We have become such a throw-away society, but there are some things in our households that we still keep. Why is that so? Perhaps this blog train can unlock the reasons behind it! Follow the daily posts on this blog train and read about the stories behind the things we have kept for many years and why we didn't throw them away.


DIY Mint Tulle Skirt

I've been eyeing the tulle skirt trend since it started. I love it. I've just been super slow on getting around to making one. I only made one because my sister decorated with lots of mint tulle at her wedding and then had it all leftover afterwards. That means I didn't have to buy my own and that's the only reason I made one. I just had lots of tulle waiting around to be used. 
So I cut as many circle skirts out of the tulle that I could and sewed it onto a thick colored elastic for the waistband. There are lots of simple tutorials online to help you make one. It's super simple because there's no edge finishing. When I wear it I feel very feminine and a little like a baby girl in a princess skirt. When I showed my husband he asked if I was two. Ya, well, maybe I am.
The question is, where do I wear it? The only time I wear dresses or skirts is to church. Can I wear this to church? I'm a little worried about my children pulling up my skirt accidentally.


Hunger Games Inspired Kids Sweatshirts

A couple of months ago I did a Hunger Games guest post for Crafting Con. I made some simple sweatshirts inspired by parts of the story. I like making nerdy stuff for my kids, but I do it in a very subtle way. And there's a little tip for quilting jersey at the end of this post!
Henry has the white blonde hair that I always imagined Peeta to have. And Claire has long, (for a baby) dark hair just like Katniss.
I was planning on making some sort of sweater for Claire inspired by Katniss's half sweater, but then I found this happy behind the scenes picture of Peeta and Katniss. I love how they are so happy, and their shirts look like they are quilted. I took a very loose inspiration from the movie. I made raglan sweatshirts quilted with flowers for Claire and pearls for Henry.
peeta and katniss, katniss flower, peeta's pearl
Look at these cute mini Peeta and mini Katniss. The hats weren't part of the plan, but they had to wear them because it was a cold day.
I quilted Henry's shirt with a circle embroidery stitch inspired by the pearl that Peeta gives Katniss in book two. I thought doing it horizontally would keep it looking masculine. 
For Claire I quilted the a flower stitch vertically. From far away the quilting almost blends in, but close up it's a great detail.
Quilting knit turned out to be really easy! All you do is get some knit fusible interfacing and fuse it to your fabric. Then stitch or embroider your knit fabric with a ballpoint or jersey needle. I bet even fusible fleece would work too to add warmth to your knits.
Happy Hunger Games! And may the odds be ever in your favor!
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