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Upcycle: Shirt to Baby Romper

I'm excited to share a really fun upcycle with you today! I think men's button down shirts are one of my favorite things to upcycle because there's a lot of fabric and lots of fun details. I love trying to reuse a bunch of the details! It's like a challenging puzzle that really gets me excited. Anyway, I'm sharing a tutorial to make a 3 mos size romper from a button down, but also a skirt tutorial over at House of Estrela for Refashion Month 2016. Go see what all the other cool refashions are! It's always inspiring to see others' work! (And if you're crazy, you could also make baby pants from the leftover sleeves!)
Look at that cute, bubble romper! It's perfect for wiggly babies and summertime!
I kept the button placket on the front and reused the button and buttonhole on the collar stand. I also turned the collar into ruffled straps. AND the most amazing thing about this romper is that you don't need a pattern. The shirt actually works as the pattern!
A button down shirt
1/4" elastic
Sewing Supplies

1. This is the pieces you'll need from the shirt. Cut the body 13" from the hem. 
2. Unpick the collar and the collar stand.
3. Cut off the hem from the bottom of the shirt.
4. Cut the collar in half.
5. Cut off all the seams.
6. With right sides together sew 1/4" along each long side of the collars. Turn right side out.
7. Sew 3/8" from the edge along the inside curve creating a casing.
8. Insert 5" of elastic into the casing and tack at each end.
9. Sew a basting stitch and gather the top edge of the shirt. 
10. Tack the bottom edges of the button placket together. 
11. Sew the collar stand onto the gathered edge of the shirt.
12. Insert the straps into the collar stand 2" from center front and center back and sew the top of the collar stand closed.
13. Create a 1/2" casing along the bottom edge of the shirt.
14. Cut two pieces of elastic 10" long and insert them into the casing while leaving 3" of the center front and the center back elastic-free.
15. Add snaps or buttons to 3" elastic-free spot for easy diaper changes.
And there you half it! An adorable and easy romper that you created with no pattern! Don't forget to check out the skirt tutorial over at House of Estrela!


Me Made: Basic Tees

I made some more "boring" basic tees that I wear almost weekly. I know it's not super interesting or fun to see, but this is what I wear so this is what I sew. The one special thing about these tees is that I used a newer to me fabric: bamboo rayon spandex. It's an amazing fabric, and I've enjoyed working with it. It's so great to wear in the summer because it's so breathable. It's easy to work with like cotton spandex jersey, but it's drapey like rayon spandex jersey. It's a little more slippery than those fabrics, but not enough to make me dislike working with it. I'm just careful with how I use it. 
I made a slouchy tee using a navy striped fabric. I used the Union St. Tee (affiliate link) and sized up two sizes to get a purposeful slouchy look. I did the round neck so I wouldn't have to worry about flashing anyone. I shortened the sleeves slightly, lengthened the body by one inch, added some length to the back, and added a slit to the hem (which I forgot to take pictures of). I also did a sloping shoulder adjustment on my right shoulder. I love wearing it with skinny jeans and pencil skirts. It's really comfortable but chic.
I also made a basic fitted white tee using the Union St. Tee (affiliate link). I struggled with getting a good picture of the white, so I'm sorry for the over-exposure. I made a size small, shortened the sleeves slightly, added length to the body, raised the v by about 1/2", and did a sloping shoulder adjustment on my right shoulder. This is the perfect basic white tee, and the bamboo makes it look like it's a step up from a basic tee because the fabric has a nice sheen to it. It kind of looks like I need a full bust adjustment, but it's because I'm nursing. It'll lay a little nice when I'm done.
What are your basics? What do you wear almost constantly?


"One in a MELON" Party with Free Printables

I had a little "fruity" party at my house this weekend. It was just something simple and fun for some of my friends to come over and chat. I only did a little decorating, and a lot of it I just used what I had. We're renting and not in the nicest place for having people over, but I've decided that that isn't what is important. If I wait until I have what I think is a perfect place for entertaining, then it would be a long time or maybe it would never happen. So I'm going to enjoy where I am living and where I am in life. Anyway, I have two free printables for YOU that my sister made and go along with the "fruity" theme.
We sat outside because the evening was nice and we have space for more people. We had lots of mismatched chairs that provided just enough seating. I kept most of the food inside to keep it safe from bugs. For a backdrop I put up the poster "You're one in a MELON" with some pear lights from Ikea and some felt balls. I'm totally saving this poster and using it for my baby's first birthday party!
I served sliced watermelon, Sour Patch Fruits (affiliate link)Sour Patch Strawberries (affiliate link)and some orange-flavored tea cakes that my husband made. (He's an amazing baker!) Outside I had some water and some Wonka Runts (affiliate link). I had pink and green napkins, pink plates, and pink plastic utensils.
I printed the "One in a MELON" poster as a engineer print at a nearby Fedex Office. It printed 36"x36" which is huge and awesome, and I only paid $10. I can't guarantee that price at any other place, but printing an engineering print is definitely the cheapest option for something that big. My print came out somewhat striped which I think is from the printer. I don't mind it though and kind of like how it looks.
Free One in a MELON Poster Printable, 36"x36"
If you want to send a special card or thank you card, my sister also made it into a fold-over card. It's super cute, and I can't wait to use it!
Free One in a MELON card 
In my search for inspiration I found a bunch of other free "fruity" party printables!
Groovy Fruit printable for straws - I taped them to my paper cups.
Foldable Fruit Printables - I made these, and they are fun and not too hard to put together.
Feeling Fruity Party Printables - This has a whole coordinated collection of free party printables!


Family Tree Kids Craft and Indexing

I never thought I'd be someone who would choose family names when I named my kids, but each child has at least one name that comes from a family member. It makes their names really special, and I LOVE telling my kids about who they are named after. It's so fun to talk about the funny stories, but also meaningful to talk about the life-changing stories. Sometimes when I talk about who they're named after, I can see some confusion in their eyes as I explain the generations. So I decided to do a simple little craft with them that will visually show them the generations and who they're named after.
Masking tape or washi tape
Kid-friendly paint
Sponges or fingers

1. Place seven (or more) pieces of tape on a paper in an ascending triangle pattern. I decided to only go up to my kids grandparents, but you can go as far as you'd like.
2. Draw some simple "family tree" lines to guide your tree.
3. Draw the branches of your tree. You can see that I am not much of an artist, so your tree doesn't have to be amazing. The branches will get covered by all the painted leaves anyway.
2. Get out the paint and either sponges or fingers. I have an extra messy toddler, so I decided to used sponges instead of paint fingerprints. I told them to put leaves on the trees. They had so much fun painting their trees!

3. Let the paint dry (I hung them up to dry).
4. Remove the pieces of tape from the paper. There are now seven (or more) spots to write the names of the child and their predecessors.
5. Write in the names of the child and their parents and grandparents. (I took a picture before writing other family names for privacy.) I ended up even writing in the great-grandparents names. We talked about each person on their tree, and I circled the family member that they shared a name with. My toddler got bored pretty quickly, but my preschooler and I chatted about family members for a long time. I could see that it was easier to understand because he could see the generations. I hope my kids can remember who they're named after and maybe be inspired by their good qualities.

From July 15-17, FamilySearch International will sponsor the third annual “Worldwide Indexing Event,” bringing 72,000 people from around the globe together online during a 72-hour event to save the world’s records by making them searchable to the public.  
During the 72-hour indexing period, volunteers participate by downloading the FamilySearch software and completing as many names as they would like.  Anyone with a computer and internet connection can join.   
Volunteers have made over one billion historic records searchable online since FamilySearch introduced online indexing in 2008. The demand for indexed records continues to grow as millions of historical records worldwide are added every year. To join 72,000 teammates in saving the World’s records, visit https://familysearch.org/worldsrecords

FamilySearch International is the largest genealogy organization in the world. It is a nonprofit, volunteer-driven organization sponsored by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. FamilySearch and its predecessors have been actively gathering, preserving, and sharing genealogical records worldwide for over 100 years. Patrons may access FamilySearch services and resources free online at FamilySearch.org or through over 4,921 family history centers in 129 countries.


18 Fat Quarter CLOTHING Projects

As fun as it is to sew home decor or accessories, sewing clothing will always be what I love most. It's the most exciting and satisfying to me. And when I can make clothing out of scraps or one fat quarter, I feel like I deserve a special medal or trophy. I feel like I want to yell, "I made a shirt out of scraps!" or "I made a skirt out of a fat quarter!" So here's a big list of fat quarter clothing projects with both knit or woven fabric. 

1. 18 mos Babydoll Tee - Free Pattern by Feathers Flights
3. Socks Tutorial by The Sewing Rabbit
4. Personalized Socks by Feathers Flights
5. Easy Leg Warmers by I Heart Naptime
7. DIY Baby Hat - Free Pattern by Coral + Co.
8. Kid-Designed Underwear by Feathers Flights and Free Underwear Pattern (2T-6) by Small Dream Factory

11. Baby Dribble Bibs by Feathers Flights
12. Make a Baby Bonnet from Two Fat Quarters by Simple Simon and Company
13. 1 Fat Quarter Toddler Skirt by Thread Bunny
14. 2 Fat Quarter Skirt by Thread Riding Hood
15. 1 Fat Quarter Baby Gift Set by Life is Sew Daily
16. Baby Tunic Top - Free Pattern by Delia Creates
17. Baby Diaper Cover by Feathers Flights and Free Baby Diaper Cover Pattern
18. Baby Shoes by Feathers Flights and Free Baby Shoes Pattern

Here's some really fun woven and knit fabrics that you can order in different woven or knit fabrics!
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