Leather Baby Shoes

My brother and his family are moving across the country so they are getting rid of lots of stuff. My SIL had purchased a leather hide awhile back to fix her couch. She decided not to take it with them, so she gave it to me. Can you believe she gave me a hide of leather?! To repay her I made her daughter a bunch of new leather shoes and I made doubles of each for Claire. Leather was actually satisfying to work with and wasn't too difficult.
These bow shoes are basic baby shoes with a bow added to the top. I altered this baby shoe pattern to make it work with the leather. I really like the simplicity of these shoes with a statement bow on them.
I decided to make some mary janes for nicer functions. I altered the free pleated mary jane pattern. I eliminated the pleats because they would be too hard to do with leather (or maybe I was too lazy to figure it out.) I added elastic straps that hopefully will be tight enough. My SIL got all leather on the outside, but I LOVED the look of the suede so I tried flipping it for Claire. It stretched more so I had to add two little pleats at the toes.
I also made some little leather boots, and they might be my very favorite. They are so simple but will be great for winter. They will look so cute with tights or leggings. I used the free little red riding boots pattern. I had to alter them a little to work with leather, but it's easier because I don't have to line them. The suede is so soft and comfortable inside.
All new leather shoes for a winter baby. Hopefully Claire's feet will be big enough this winter!


DIY Loose Polka Dotted Top

I think I have a problem. I have made multiple versions of The Staple Dress and have more versions I want to make. It might also be because we're packing up to move in a couple of weeks, and it's the only pattern easily accessible.
I added leather tabs and snaps to the shoulders and sleeve hems. I love the little details it adds to the simple look of the top. (You can tell I added shirring to the waistline and took it out because I didn't like the look.)
Pattern: The Staple Dress. I cut it into a hi-lo shirt, raised the neckline in the front and back, and added leather tabs.
Fabric: Peachskin from fabric.com. (It's on sale right now too!) It is a polyester, but it has a really soft hand and fluid drape. It breathes well too.
Time: 2 hours
Cost: $2.79 per yard and I used two yards, so $5.58 plus a little bit of leather and some snaps.


Graphic Print Challenge

I had the fun opportunity to participate in Skirt Fixation's Fabric Swap Challenge this month. I signed up for the graphic fabric swap. Go over there to see how I turned the fabric on the left to the top on the right! and don't forget to vote for me on Friday!


Polka Dot Sweatpants and Tuxedo Stripe Sweatpants

I haven't purchased workout or lounge pants since before I was married. It's gotten to the point wear it's a little embarrassing and don't even really have pajama pants. When Kelli from True Bias released her Hudson Pants pattern, I fell in love with the pattern and purchased it. It'll fulfill a need that I've had for awhile, and she's also having a small contest which is fun to participate in. (I was not paid or asked to review this pattern. I just love it!)
The first version I made is a gray polka dot calf length version. I had just enough gray sweatshirt fleece to use. I fabric stamped polka dot all over it before sewing it.
On these I skipped threading the tie all the way around and just sewed on a little bow to the front. I didn't alter the pattern at all so they are shorter than they are supposed to be, but I wouldn't have had enough fabric otherwise. I paired these pants with my ASOS nursing top. It's comfortable for staying in, but nice enough for going out!
It's so fun and girly, and these pants are SO comfortable. I want to wear them everyday all day. 
My second pair I used black sweatshirt fleece that I had in my stash and added some medallion print terry knit. I lengthened the pattern six inches because I'm tall and pieced a tuxedo stripe down the side. I used the terry knit on the main pocket piece and on the stripe.
The stripe adds such an awesome detail. I love it. I love these pants also because I've never had sweatpants long enough for my legs! They're always so short that I have to wear them really low on my hips which isn't too comfortable.
On these pants I added the tie to the waistband, and I think I prefer the tie going all the way around instead of skipping it like my first ones. I'm so happy with both these pants though and really enjoyed using this pattern.
Fabric: Sweatshirt fabric, ribbing, and terry knit
Time: 5 hours total
Cost: $6 for fabric and $8 for the pattern (I got it when it was on sale). $7 for sweatpants is a great deal!


DIY Waterproof Picnic Quilt

We are outside multiple times a day. Sometimes the grass is a little bit damp, so I made a picnic quilt with a waterproof back. I used two floral prints that I've had in my stash or a long time. I used the triangle method and made a herringbone pattern. I LOVE herringbone. I do not love quilting though.
I used a vinyl tablecloth as the quilt back because it's cheap and it's waterproof. The tablecloth is kind of a bad quality and won't last forever, but it'll do for awhile. I haven't washed it yet so hopefully it can stand up to being washed.
I used two floral fabrics that I've had in my stash for years, a black and white and a blue and ivory. They are okay together, not great. I didn't want to buy any fabric for this quilt, and luckily, I had just enough to make it. You can see my impatience while quilting because there's tucks and gathers all around the binding. Quilting requires too much perfection for me.
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