Provo Fashion Week

The weekend before my birthday I was able to attend Provo Fashion Week with my sister. I won some tickets from While Camden Sleeps and was able to go with my sister. It was so much fun!
Most of my pictures didn't turn out because the lighting wasn't great, but I got some pictures to share. I love the black dress with the flared hem, plunging back, and the awesome feather in her hair. And the three tiered black maxi dress was really unique.
This first dress had velvet ribbing attatched in a really intricate design. It was beautiful. And the FRINGE on the last one. I'm not a fringe person, but I can definitely appreciate it!
My favorites were the menswear, a magnificent coat, and a maxi sequin dress. Sorry, I don't remember any of the designers, but you can look them up on the Provo Fashion Week website!
If you want to see some fun times and some of the catwalk, check out Wearing it on my Sleeves video.


A Piece of The Needle Flew Into My Eye

On Tuesday afternoon I was sewing something for Claire. It had some sort of sequin/rhinestones on it that I thought wouldn't effect my sewing since I've sewed over them countless of times. Well, this time was different. The needle broke, sort of shattered actually, and one tiny piece flew into my eye
Now I have been sewing for over ten years and broken thousands of needles and this has never happened. I have lots of friends and blogging friends that sew and have never heard of this happening. Whenever a needle broke, my eyelid always closed before a piece even got close to my eye. 
But this time was different. I immediately stopped sewing and my eye was blinking like crazy. I think there was some pain, but I don't remember very much. I went to look in the mirror to get it out, but I couldn't see anything. It was in my left eye on the top near the bridge of my nose.
 Claire needed a nap, so I put her down. I tried flushing my eye with water, but I couldn't get it out. I tried taking a nap too see if my eye would flush it out if it was relaxed. I said a prayer and decided to go to the urgent care nearby. I didn't think it was very bad; I thought they would just brush it out. 
I don't have a car during the day, but our urgent care is a ten minute walk away. I put the kids in the stroller and walked there. I thought about having our nice neighbors drive us, but I wasn't in any pain and didn't think it was bad. It only felt like half of a needle was in my eye.
At the urgent care both the receptionist and the nurse gave me a double look when I said I had a piece of a sewing machine needle in my eye. And so did the doctor. But he finally numbed my eye which was a huge relief. He looked at my eye under a microscope, and he saw the offending piece of metal. It luckily hadn't pierced the cornea, but it was slightly embedded in the surface of my eyeball. He told me I was very lucky that it hadn't embedded in a spot that effected my vision.
He was able to get all of it out, but whenever metal is in the eye it immediately starts to rust. He had to use a drill on my eye to get the rust out. 
When he said that I asked, "Will that hurt? Will I feel that?" I mean, a drill, on my eye! He replied that I shouldn't feel anything, and if I do to tell him right away. He used the drill, and I didn't feel anything. He was nervous about drilling too deep, so he wanted me to go to an ophthalmologist.
I went to an ophthalmologist the next morning who did some more cleaning and drilling with a burr. He couldn't get all of the rust out, but once my eye healed over it would never bother me and it could only be seen with a microscope.
I feel very blessed that my vision wasn't affected in anyway, and it was quickly resolved. I have never sewed over my finger in all my years of sewing, but now I have a needle in my eye (cross my heart and hope to die) story that I will never forget. I'm definitely considering getting some sort of glasses to wear while sewing so that it won't happen again! 


Triangle Pencil Skirt and Necklace Giveaway

Today is my birthday so I made myself a skirt, AND I have a fun giveaway for my awesome readers! Yay! 
A couple of weeks ago I ordered some custom collar stays for my husband for our anniversary from Truly Kustom. I was worried it wouldn't arrive in time, but in came so quickly! I was really impressed with the speed, quality (they have gone through the was a couple of times with no problems!), and customer service, so I contacted the shop about a giveaway for you! I
For my birthday I also bought the Pleated Pencil Skirt pattern. I've been eyeing it, and I need a perfect pencil skirt pattern. After one make I do love it. I didn't have time to make a muslin, so I had some fitting issues to deal with. This first one isn't quite perfect, but now I know what to do to the paper pattern to make it perfect. I shaved of some of the hip circumference, will need to shorten the back waist length, and need to take in the top of the waistband. I also need to make the pleat deeper so that I have more room to move. I used fabric from Miss Matatabi that I won from a giveaway earlier this year. It's gorgeous fabric, and I'm sad to say it's not available anymore.

There are so many fun colors and the triangles are great. I didn't have a matching invisible zipper so I used fuchsia. It's noticeable, but I kind of like it. When I sewed up the back pleat, I accidentally matched the triangles so perfectly that it looks like I totally meant to do it. Happy accident! I do have a problem of sewing everything out of printed fabric, so I really need to make some solid fabric pieces to match!
I got to review the dainty triangle necklace in gold, and I love it. I haven't really bought myself jewelry in years so something new and simple was so refreshing. It's high quality, Claire has yanked on it already, and the perfect paired with my triangle pencil skirt. I don't often recommend shops, but I do recommend this one. It would be a great gift for Christmas especially for those people who are hard to shop for!
Keep up with Truly Kustom on Instagram to hear about their latest products, discounts, and giveaways!
One winner will receive a dainty triangle necklace in the color and length of their choice! This giveaway is open to everyone. Enter below.


Toy Story Costumes and a Giveaway!

Since I'm forgetful awesome, I'm apart of two blog series today. I signed up for both pretty far apart without realizing I signed up for the day. It actually works out perfectly because it's all part of the kids' Halloween costumes! This year we are being characters from Toy Story, and this is the only picture I got of both of them facing the camera.
I tried taking pictures of them on the car similar to when the toys ride on the back of cars. It's not quite the same, but they are still really cute "toys!" 
We were right there to catch Claire if she got away, but we did tell Henry to hold onto her so he tried really hard to make her sit still.
Henry is Buzz Lightyear, Claire is Jessie, I made a Bullseye using Fun of the Fair by Melanie McNeice (eBook), my husband will be Woody, and I think I'm going to be Slinky. (I still have to make both of our costumes.
Let me tell you a little more about Bullseye and the book Fun of the Fair. It's a book filled with adorable soft toy sewing patterns. They are SO cute! I have almost zero experience when it comes to sewing toys or softies so I didn't know what to expect when I started. It was explained really well, so the only trouble I had was with the hand-sewing. But that is my inexperience and had nothing to do with the book! I'm really excited to make some other stuffed animals for Christmas gifts this year. I think any beginner could make these toys, so don't miss the other great sewing books!
I did the stuffed pony and I chose to do it in colors just like Bullseye, a light brown body with dark brown hooves. I didn't have the right thread for the hair so I used some brown yard I had it my stash. I didn't cut the ends but left them in loops to keep the yarn intact. I omitted the buttons on the legs and eyes because I don't want them to come off and choke Claire. I also added a brown faux leather saddle just like Bullseye. So far she loves it and loves hugging it!
Enter to win a Fun of the Fair book of your own below:
a Rafflecopter giveaway
Now let's talk about the costumes and the pattern hacks. We found the Buzz Lightyear wings for $1 this summer at a yardsale. Sorry, I don't have a hack for making that! I used the Billy Bright Eyes Tee pattern for the top and added the sleeve details. I drafted a hood and attached it to the neckline. For the pants I used the free Retro Sweatpants pattern and took out width in the legs and then added the leg details. I did the cuffs in the colors that closely matched Buzz's colors.
I didn't use a pattern for Jessie's onesie because I just used a long sleeve onesie, painted part of it yellow, and added some red stitching. For the pants I used the free Go-To leggings pattern and sized up bigger than 12 mos. I used a stretchy denim and a non-stretchy white fur to which I added black felt spots. I drafted my own red cowboy hat which I made a lot of mistakes on so here's a child cowboy hat pattern that will work better than mine. For the boots I used the leather boots I made earlier this summer which are still HUGE on her.
Happy Halloween!
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DIY Sweater Pinafore and Diaper Cover

I have other things on my list, but I dropped them all and decided to refashion a sweater for an adorable baby outfit. I am making items for layering to keep Claire warm this winter. I used a women's sweater and some bias binding to finish the edges. The hat is from this post; it's still much too big for Claire!
For the dress I used this free baby crossover pinafore pattern. I shortened it two inches so it wouldn't be too long and get in the way of crawling. It's a little more like this baby smock tutorial. This dress is supposed to have the crossover in the back, but I really like it in the front. I used this classic free diaper cover pattern. I did French seams on all the seams so no serging would show through the knitting.
I can't wait for all the fun layering outfits this coming winter. And Claire pulled herself to standing at the couch today, so she's going to be walking soon. I predicting by Christmas! Also, after I took of the diaper cover and she was crawling around in a light pink onesie and light pink tights, I could see a future of this little dancing girl. She's growing up too fast!
Besides keeping her warm, it's also a great bib for all her food and spit up dribblings.
Happy Fall from this adorable little baby girl!
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