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Gathered Sleeves and Hem Tshirt Romper Tutorial

If you've downloaded the new and improved tshirt romper pattern, you may have noticed that I've added something new. I added some new cutting lines so you can have a gathered sleeve and a gathered hem like bloomer! I love this version; it's so girly and cute. It's perfect for baby girls!


Ruffle Bum Tshirt Romper Tutorial

I am so excited to share today's tutorial with you! A ruffle bum tshirt romper: is there anything cuter? I was so excited to make this and put it on my baby. This was my first variation idea and the other ones came after. I couldn't get this one out of my head, so I had to create it. It's so easy to make and just a couple extra steps to the regular tshirt romper tutorial.


Drawstring Waist T-Shirt Romper Tutorial

Welcome to the first variation of the tshirt romper week! I've always loved the original tshirt romper, but I realized that it's the perfect simple pattern for lots of variations. I came up with lots of variations, but I had to limit it to four so I wouldn't overwhelm myself. They do lean towards the feminine side, but I do have a 6 mos old baby girl right now so they'll all be worn. You can use these variations any way you want and can use them for baby boys too.
Today I'm sharing a simple drawstring tutorial for the tshirt romper. I used a women's french terry tunic to make this romper, but it'll work with any knit tee, tunic, or sweatshirt with a good amount of stretch.
Here's a list of all the variations!
Drawstring waist tshirt romper
Colorblocked tshirt romper
Pocket tshirt romper
Ruffle bum tshirt romper
Gathered sleeves and gathered hem tshirt romper
2T Tshirt Romper


T-Shirt Romper FREE PATTERN {Updated!}

I have been preparing a lot to get ready for this week, and I am so excited to share it with you! Do you remember the original tshirt romper? I made it 3.5 years ago! I've reworked the pattern and redid the pictures to give you the best tutorial possible. I hope it's easier to use and easier to understand! And I've also come up with a bunch of easy variations to customize your romper that I'll share with you all week! 
Here's a list of all the variations!
Colorblocked tshirt romper
Pocket tshirt romper


10 Unique Gifts for Crafters and Sewists Under $30

In my blogging and sewing journey, people have been so generous and kind. I have received unused fabric from friends, family, and strangers. Every time I feel so blessed! Now that we're done with school, I want to give back. I have young kids so a lot of volunteer and service opportunities are a little out of reach for me (Having young kids is a service opportunity in and of itself), so I look for other ways. One of my favorite ways to benefit the world and people is to purchase from Uncommon Goods. Their mission is to be environmentally friendly and socially responsible. They donate money every time you purchase, and everyone involved in the process is treated fairly, even the artists and small manufacturers from around the world. (On each product page you can read where it was made!) 
Uncommon Goods not only has interesting items, they also have great gifts. I always go to them whenever I need a gift for someone that is really hard to give to because their items are so unique. I love their food kits for the foodies in my life. They also have great baby shower gifts and baby gifts. It's really easy to send gifts from their website, so it's perfect for long distance friends and family. 
I am a crafter and/or a sewist (#obvi) so my favorite thing is their craft kits. I want to try every single one! I narrowed it down to ten of my favorite crafty items, and I'm sure you can find something for your crafty SIL or your sewing friend. Enjoy!
1. Indigo Textile Dye Kit - Indigo dyed fabric is super trendy right now. It's a beautiful and organic fabric. I love all the different patterns you can create. With this kit you can create your own scarf and experiment with some beautiful indigo dye. I would love to try dyeing fabric!
2. Animal Gift Wrap Kit - Besides making fun gifts, I love wrapping those handmade gifts. I often have my children color or paint paper to wrap a gift. I love the extra handmade touch. But how adorable are these animal gift wraps!? Wouldn't you love to receive a whale wrapped gift? Or an elephant gift? This gift wrap kit comes with special wrapping paper, stickers, and cut-outs to make the perfect wrapped gift.
3. Crochet Coasters - I love having handmade items and the creative process is the joy of the project. But my to-do list is miles long, and some most things I'll just never get to. Sometimes it's just nice to receive a handmade gift instead of trying to find time to make it. That's why I love these crocheted coasters. It's helping someone in India while marking one thing off my to-do list. Win-win!
4. Botanical DIY Embroidery Kit - I think the hardest part for me to get started on a project is the preparation. Especially when it's something I don't often work on. That's why these embroidery kits are so fun; you get to try a new craft without fully committing to purchasing all the stuff.
5. Hedgehog Needle Felting Kit - I've felted wool with my hands before and it is so satisfying. There's something really amazing about washing wool with your hands and seeing it take shape as felt. And if you could create something adorable as these felted hedgehogs!? What a fun way to learn to felt with a really awesome and adorable result. You could give the kit or the finished hedgehogs as a gift.
6. Hydrangea Silver Dipped Lace Necklace - Lace is so pretty and classic. These necklaces are created by dipping the lace in various layers meaning there is real lace inside that is preserved forever! I would love to wear this silver lace necklace and be reminded of all the pretty lace I've worked with.
7. Make Your Own Nail Polish Kit - You create your own signature clothes or bags or home decor, and now you can create your own signature nail polish color. Mix your own colors for nail polish that's uniquely you. I think I would make a mintish turquoise color as my signature color. Or a light navy. Or a peachy coral. . . .
8. Bo the Rainbow Creature Kit - As I said before, the hardest thing about crafting is the preparation. Do you know a child or teen that wants to get started sewing, but doesn't know where to start? They can start with this adorable rainbow monster which might send them down the path of wanting to sew ALL. THE. THINGS.
9. Make Your Own Panties Kit - As you may know, my favorite thing to sew is clothing. It will always be my favorite and what I think and dream about in my spare time. But not everyone can fully commit to sewing all of their own clothing. So give the gift of perfectly fitting knickers that they can create with their own two hands.
10. Random Acts of Flowers Kit - Lots of people enjoying crafting, but sometimes the finished items can take over your house. Why not create paper flowers to share that will brighten someone's day? This whole kit is created for you to make beautiful paper flowers with words that will make someone feel special. It even comes with a mask to keep your identity hidden while gifting the flowers. 
What's your favorite item on this list? Would you want to try any of these or give on as a gift?

*Disclaimer: I was given a gift certificate in exchange for this post. I have not received or tried any of these products. All opinions expressed are my own.
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