Fall/Winter Collection 2014: Triangles, Stripes, and Floral

I decided to make somewhat matching pants for Henry and I. I'm not really apart of their collection, but Suzanne from Winter Wear Designs just came out with her Aviator pants for women and I basically begged her to be apart of it. I had planned some Aviator pants for Henry for this collection and couldn't wait to make some similar ones for me.
I didn't do them exactly matching (like Henry and his dad's pants) but I used the same charcoal and black striped fabric for the main part of my pants and the bottom of Henry's pants. Instead of going trendy track pants, I decided to make myself some comfortable lounge pants. So here are Henry and I in our lounging glory: no make-up and lots of fun.
Henry's shirt is a Billy Button Bright Eyes Tee made from one of my husband's old t-shirts. I love the argyle print on it. His pants are the Aviator Pants by Winter Wear Designs. I really love these pants and the awesome style lines. I used a true green sweatshirt fabric for the main part of the pants and a soft interlock for the bottom part. I also used it for the cuffs which was a little tricky but looks great in the end. I made a size 3 length and size 2 width.
I used the same interlock for my pants. It has a heavier interlock feel, but it's really soft to the touch. I used a floral ponte de roma knit for the bottom. I wanted to make floral pants but couldn't find floral sweatshirt fabric, so I decided to use ponte de roma instead. I love it. It's a little too drapey for my liking, but it still works. I used some orange rib knit for the cuffs and waistband. I made a size small and lengthened it by four inches. I love the fit, tight but not too tight. (I'm even wearing them while I type this.)
We're showing off out "triangles."
We are cheesers. Henry had a lot of fun pushing the button for our pictures.
I couldn't leave out Claire. I made her a simple hi-lo skirt. I made it hi-lo, so that it wouldn't get it the way of her crawling. It turns out it doesn't look hi-lo because of her adorable diaper baby bum. It's the same floral fabric I used on this dress, shirt, and onesie. I paired it with pink tights and the gray cardigan I made before she was born.
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Fall/Winter Collection 2014: Rocker Babies

Now these aren't exactly rocker outfits, but the plaid on Henry's shirt reminds me of a rockstar outfit. And Claire's leggings could be seen as edgy. I just kind of went with it. I wanted a basic black sleeve shirt for Henry to wear under other clothes, but I didn't want to keep it boring basic. I added a plaid yoke to the back that peeks over one shoulder and added the plaid down the underside of the sleeve. I used the Billy Bright Eyes Snappy Tee for the shirt.
I have not purchased anything or used any big cuts of fabric, so everything is scraps or refashions. That means the shirt body came from some old black leggings and the sleeves came from an old black t-shirt. Hopefully, they fade the same color! I really love the plaid that peeks over one shoulder. I had to because I didn't quite have enough fabric for the body and used the plaid. The jeans are the same jeans I refashioned a couple of weeks ago. The jeans are a little big for him even though they are a size 2 but he has lots of growing room. I also lengthened them two inches.
I love this little cheeser.
I also love this little girl and her little bit of sass. I took more pictures of her because she stays still for slightly longer than her brother. Claire is wearing a sweater I made before she was born. It's the perfect fit and color. I love it. I throw it over something to keep her warm or to dress her up because it can be pulled down for a sweater dress.
When she moves around it bunches up around her waist, but it can be pulled down to mid thigh. I love that it's like a dress, but it doesn't get under her knees and prevent her from crawling.
The leggings are made from an old women's tee. It was really thin so I lined it with white jersey. It keeps Claire extra warm. The printed fabric isn't very strong, so I'm sure all the crawling will destroy them pretty quickly. Maybe I'll have to add some knee pads. I used the free baby leggings sewing pattern. The shoes are some leather baby shoes I made this summer. They are still WAY too big for her because her feet are so small. She might not fit into them for another 6-12 mos!
She's a mover and a shaker. Once she decides to do something, watch out. This summer I made her a little leather bow from some leftover leather. I love it. I do forget to do her hair, but when I do it's really cute. Especially with a leather bow!


Fall/Winter Collection 2014: Wolf Babies

I am so excited for my kids Fall/Winter collection. I have been furiously planning and working on it in between all of my other recent projects. I feel like I have a handle on having two kids, so I was able to plan and accomplish a lot more this time than I was in their Spring/Summer collection. I still have a couple items left for Henry, but I hope to finish them during Kid's Clothes Week!
I decided to name these outfits wolf babies because there's so much fur involved. I based this collection off of wolves, green, gray, black, blue, and fall and winter forest. I'll talk more about that in another post though. I made Henry a fur wolf hat with an attached scarf and little pockets. He loves it and loves being a "wowf." I used the free fox hat pattern for the hat and tail and drafted the scarf. I want to dress my kids in animal-like clothes until their twenty.
The shirt is a refashioned gray t-shirt to which I added a refashioned button up shirt. I combined them to make a sort of henley that looks somewhat dressed up in a comfortable way. I really like the combination of colors and plaid. At first it was a little too long, so I shortened it by taking out some length just under the button placket. It luckily looks like it was supposed to be that way. Henry's pants are the same wool pants I made him a year ago, but I lengthened them and lined them because Henry always complained about them being itchy. Now the pants are really warm and really sharp looking. They will be his dressier pants for the cold weather.
The fox hat and tail look so cool made out of fur. They look almost real. Henry loves dressing up, so this is perfect for him. I am disappointed that the hat only covers half of Henry's ears since I made it to keep him warm, so hopefully the fur will be enough warmth.
The scarf hat is not for Claire, but it's so cute on her and it matches her fur diaper cover. It might be totally unpractical, but it's a FUR DIAPER COVER. How could I not? It didn't gather super well so even though I made a small size it's still too big for her. I'm hoping it'll fit well when it's really cold and will help keep her warm when she's wearing a dress.
She's also wearing a sweatshirt dress I made from a watercolor print women's tee. I love the print an dhow it looks painted. I chose to do a sweatshirt dress since she is still mobile while wearing it, if it rides up it still covers her tummy, it's great for layering, and will be able to grow with her for a longer time. Those cheetah print sneakers are thrift store treasures. They are only a size 1, but they fit her great because her feet are so small! I needed some warm shoes with good soles since she's pulling herself up to standing all the time!
I love my little fur babies!


Provo Fashion Week

The weekend before my birthday I was able to attend Provo Fashion Week with my sister. I won some tickets from While Camden Sleeps and was able to go with my sister. It was so much fun!
Most of my pictures didn't turn out because the lighting wasn't great, but I got some pictures to share. I love the black dress with the flared hem, plunging back, and the awesome feather in her hair. And the three tiered black maxi dress was really unique.
This first dress had velvet ribbing attatched in a really intricate design. It was beautiful. And the FRINGE on the last one. I'm not a fringe person, but I can definitely appreciate it!
My favorites were the menswear, a magnificent coat, and a maxi sequin dress. Sorry, I don't remember any of the designers, but you can look them up on the Provo Fashion Week website!
If you want to see some fun times and some of the catwalk, check out Wearing it on my Sleeves video.


A Piece of The Needle Flew Into My Eye

On Tuesday afternoon I was sewing something for Claire. It had some sort of sequin/rhinestones on it that I thought wouldn't effect my sewing since I've sewed over them countless of times. Well, this time was different. The needle broke, sort of shattered actually, and one tiny piece flew into my eye
Now I have been sewing for over ten years and broken thousands of needles and this has never happened. I have lots of friends and blogging friends that sew and have never heard of this happening. Whenever a needle broke, my eyelid always closed before a piece even got close to my eye. 
But this time was different. I immediately stopped sewing and my eye was blinking like crazy. I think there was some pain, but I don't remember very much. I went to look in the mirror to get it out, but I couldn't see anything. It was in my left eye on the top near the bridge of my nose.
 Claire needed a nap, so I put her down. I tried flushing my eye with water, but I couldn't get it out. I tried taking a nap too see if my eye would flush it out if it was relaxed. I said a prayer and decided to go to the urgent care nearby. I didn't think it was very bad; I thought they would just brush it out. 
I don't have a car during the day, but our urgent care is a ten minute walk away. I put the kids in the stroller and walked there. I thought about having our nice neighbors drive us, but I wasn't in any pain and didn't think it was bad. It only felt like half of a needle was in my eye.
At the urgent care both the receptionist and the nurse gave me a double look when I said I had a piece of a sewing machine needle in my eye. And so did the doctor. But he finally numbed my eye which was a huge relief. He looked at my eye under a microscope, and he saw the offending piece of metal. It luckily hadn't pierced the cornea, but it was slightly embedded in the surface of my eyeball. He told me I was very lucky that it hadn't embedded in a spot that effected my vision.
He was able to get all of it out, but whenever metal is in the eye it immediately starts to rust. He had to use a drill on my eye to get the rust out. 
When he said that I asked, "Will that hurt? Will I feel that?" I mean, a drill, on my eye! He replied that I shouldn't feel anything, and if I do to tell him right away. He used the drill, and I didn't feel anything. He was nervous about drilling too deep, so he wanted me to go to an ophthalmologist.
I went to an ophthalmologist the next morning who did some more cleaning and drilling with a burr. He couldn't get all of the rust out, but once my eye healed over it would never bother me and it could only be seen with a microscope.
I feel very blessed that my vision wasn't affected in anyway, and it was quickly resolved. I have never sewed over my finger in all my years of sewing, but now I have a needle in my eye (cross my heart and hope to die) story that I will never forget. I'm definitely considering getting some sort of glasses to wear while sewing so that it won't happen again! 
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