TUTORIAL: Cuffed Shorts

I love wearing shorts in the summertime. I anticipate when it'll be warm enough to wear shorts. So in preparation for the upcoming heat I cut some pants into shorts. And I figured out a really easy, almost no-sew tutorial to share with you!
Marking tool
Sewing supplies

1. Put the pants on.
2. Mark the length you want them to be.
3. Stand up straight to see if that's exactly where you want them to be.
4. Take the pants off. Mark straight across where you marked the length.
5. Mark two inches lower than the line.
6. Cut along that line.
7. Use the part you cut off and lay it on the other pant leg to cut the same length off.
8. Fold the hem up 1" towards the outside. Do this all the way around the hem.
9. Fold it up again 1" and pin. Do this all the way around the hem.
10. With your sewing machine tack at each seam. I sew up and down the whole inch and it blends right it. I also tack at the center front and center back of each leg to ensure the cuff doesn't roll down.
11. Press well.
That's it! It's an easy and quick way to add shorts to your wardrobe with hardly any sewing. Now I just need the weather to warm up!


Me Made: Floral Lawn Cheyenne Tunic

It's the end of Back to Basics week, and I finished everything except taking in the waist of some jeans. I'd say that's pretty good for how busy my life is! I'm finally sharing my Cheyenne tunic that I cut out before Maggie was born and finished a couple of weeks after. I've worn it every week since. I love this shirt! 
Also, these Bermuda shorts were pants at the beginning of the week and now they are shorts. I chopped them off, rolled the hem up with the reserve side out and tacked the sides. Then I added some destroyed details which I surprisingly love wearing. I love wearing this type of shorts all summer. I need multiple in rotation and look for a tutorial coming next week!
Let's talk about the pattern. I pinned a chambray henley on pinterest years ago. When I go up the courage to want to make something similar, I couldn't find a pattern. I hacked other patterns and was never happy with the result. Eventually the Mila Shirt and the Cheyenne Tunic came out about the same time. Finally! A pattern I was looking for. The Mila has gathers above the bust which I didn't want, but it does have a collar. The Cheyenne Henley version had no gathers, but it didn't have a collar. I had a hard time deciding between the two, but eventually decided on the Cheyenne mainly for the no gathers. I wanted a really clean look that a flat front provides. I'm hoping to figure out how to add a collar on a future version.
Anyway, I love this pattern. I took a risk and didn't sew a muslin! I just trust Hey June patterns. The shirt was time consuming for all the details, but it wasn't hard to sew. I accidentally cut the front not on the fold (#pregnancybrain) and had to make it work. I sewed a tiny seam down the front and had to work with the placket a little bit to make it work. Luckily, the print is so busy that nobody can see my mistake!
I made a size small which is probably a little tight at the moment, but it still fits and will fit better in a couple of months. This is the perfect nursing shirt. I feel comfortable and slightly dressed up, but it has easy and quick nursing access. I can even tuck it into a skirt and still have nursing access.
I used some floral cotton lawn that I got during Joann's Black Friday sale last year (here's a link to a different colorway). It's really soft and will be great on hot summer days, but I also love wearing this shirt with one of my long cardigans. I used simple white buttons that blend right in.
Just to prove that I got something new done this week, this is a tee I finished. I made a size medium Union St Tee and cut up a used men's tshirt. I reused the hems and the neckband making this the quickest make ever. It's already soft and broken in, and I'll wear it all summer. I love the stripes and monochromatic colors. It's a tad long, but I don't mind!


Me Made: Three Long Cardigans

Long cardigans are the basics of basics for me. I felt like all winter I kept reaching for a long cardigan, and I finally got around to making them )as the weather starts to warm up). I'll wear them through spring and cold summer nights though! I wear long cardigans with pockets, they have to have pockets, like light jackets. I love wearing this style. I wear them with pencil skirts, skinny jeans, bootcut jeans, fitted Bermuda shorts, and leggings. I made three because I'm crazy, I had all the fabric on hand, and these three colors are all basics for me.
I used the Grandpa Cardi (affiliate link) by Patterns for Pirates for all three cardigans. I did the tunic length with a band and pockets, added interfacing to the pockets, added buttons and buttonholes, and lengthened the body by 1" so that the smallest spot hit my waist. The pattern was great except that the sleeves, the hem band, and the front/neck band weren't drafted very well. I was able to make them work because I have a lot of experience with knits, but you can see some issues with the white cardigan. I was able to fix it for the other two cardigans.

The first one I made was this white one. I made it as a muslin hoping it'd be wearable, and it is! This fabric is like a patterned sweater-like rib knit with a fair amount of stretch and return. My sister got it for me a couple of summers ago, and I finally found the perfect use for it.
I found the hem band and front/neck band to be too long. This is often an issue I find with knit patterns. I've learned to just figure it out on my own which I did with this cardigan. But I misjudged slightly so I cut the hem band too small making the waves in the seam. They can be ironed out, but they return after I wash it. I cut the front/neck band too long so it looks a little stretched out. I also cut the interfacing too short which is part of the problem. I still enjoy wearing it though because I love white and white goes with everything. I'm wondering if time and washing will have any effect on these issues. I used giant white buttons which are awesome; I love giant buttons. 
Next I made a gray one. I got this sweater fabric from a fellow sewist in the Capsule Wardrobe Sew Along group who was cleaning out some fabric. It's a beautiful heather gray fabric with gold metallic knitted in. It is a tad transparent but a nice fabric. It's the dressiest cardigan of the three. 
I didn't have the same issues as the first one, but I think the front has stretched out a little because the front looks longer than the back. I have worn this at least five times since finishing it. I used giant gray buttons just like the giant buttons of the white cardigan.
The last cardigan I made was this blue one. It's a dusty blue interlock that I have a big roll of under my bed. I used it for a blue cardigan six months ago that turned out to be a sewing "miss". I'm glad I was able to recreate it because it's a great color. I love blue and wear blue a lot.
I couldn't find big buttons that matched so I had to use small buttons. They don't work as well, but I'm glad that they match.


Back to Basics 2016: My Plan

I'm joining in Katie's Back 2 Basics next week. I participated last time and made three tshirts. The idea is to sew an hour (or as much as you can) a day items that are basics and will round out your wardrobe. Things like a white tee or a basic cardigan. I'm really excited to work on some basics along with around 40 other seamstresses! (You can comment on Katie's post to let her know your joining in!) It'll really help me prepare for Me Made May. I'm going to share my plan so I can see how well I do; Katie has a really ambitious list! And my list includes a bunch of alterations that have needed to be done and haven't. We'll see how far I get!
My Plan:
Cut blue capris into shorts
Cut white capris into shorts
Cut jeans into shorts and add distressing
Take in waist of jeans
Take in sides of striped tee and fix hem
Fix hem of white tee
Take in sides of gingham Henley
Sew upcycled Union St Tee from men's tshirt
Photograph and blog about my floral cotton lawn Cheyenne Tunic
Photograph and blog about three basic boyfriend cardigans that just got finished using the Grandpa Cardi (affiliate link)

If I have time (I most likely won't) I'd love to:
Sew a fitted Union St Tee from raincloud printed fabric
Sew slouchy Union St Tees from three different bamboo spandex fabrics (if the fabric arrives in time!)
Sew a Cheyenne Tunic from white linen spandex blend, from Hancocks fabrics before they closed


Me Made May 2016

I have watched Me Made May for years and always enjoyed it. I never felt like I was in the right place to be able to do it though. I either had a new baby or I was pregnant or not enough to wear or I didn't love enough in my closet. But this year is different. Wardrobe Architect has totally helped me only have items I love in my closet, and I feel so much better prepared to wear something me-made for every day in the month of May. I'm really excited to try this out and see if I can love what I wear every day for 31 days. I even have a limited wardrobe since my body is in transition from pregnancy and nursing, but I'm actually pretty happy with what I have at the moment. Anyway, I'm excited to join in this year! Are you going to be joining? You can sign up here!
I, Heather, of Feathers Flights and @feathersflights, sign up for my first Me-Made-May '16. I will wear one me-made item during the month of May 2016. I hope to find joy in my me-mades and any holes in my wardrobe. I'll be testing my wardrobe architect work and see if I really know what what I like wearing and sewing!
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