DIY Stuffie Gift

I am getting so excited for Christmas. I'm holding off decorating, but we've been listening to Christmas music for weeks. This year is especially fun because this year Henry gets it. Everyday he asks if it's Christmas yet. Besides the magic of a handmade Christmas, I want Henry to learn how special it is to give to others. I want him to be excited about giving gifts.
When I was asked to review Handmade Scandinavian Christmas book by Stitch Craft Create, I first wanted to make some nature-inspired Christmas decor. I love the Scandinavian Christmas look, and there were so many great ideas in the book. After looking and looking I just wanted to do one of the kids' crafts with Henry. I wanted to make a memory with him. I decided to help him make a stuffie that he could give his sister for Christmas. 
First, I had him draw a picture of a person that we would make. There is a template in the book, but I decided he would enjoy it more if he could draw it. Then I let him choose the fabric he wanted to use. I traced the shape of his person onto the fabric, stitched around it, and stuffed it. He got to look through all my buttons to choose some eyes and a nose, and he picked the places where I sewed them on. Then I let him draw the rest of the features with a fabric marker.
It was a simple craft we could do together, but we both enjoyed it. We didn't just make a silly stuffie together, we made a fun Christmas memory together and the stuffie will always remind us of that.
He is excited to give it to his sister, but he loves it too. It might have to be more of a shared toy.

There are lots of other fun craft ebooks and downloads to check out, or see everyone else's fun ideas in the blog hop here.
Share a picture of your own handmade Christmas decoration with the lovely people at Stitch Craft Creat and you could win £100! Just add your photo to their share board or use the hashtag #SCCXmas on Twitter or Instagram.



DIY Cozy Winter Momiform

I made two more Perri Pullovers. I might be a little addicted. Or maybe I just want lots of cozy clothes for the winter. Clothes that are comfortable and cozy and perfect for lounging around at home with the kids. Most cold days we play together, and we never even go outside. Besides making two pullovers, I made two Ponte de Roma leggings using a free leggings pattern. All the fabric I used in this post was purchased from Fabric.com with my birthday money. 
The gray pullover is a heathered terry knit. I couldn't decide which side of the fabric to use because both sides were so great. I decided to block out the pieces and use both sides of the fabric. It's perfect. I didn't make any other alterations except lengthen the pattern. For the printed top I changed the sleeves to raglan, skipped the bottom band, and skipped the pockets. It's also a terry knit, so it's also really cozy. Both these pullovers are like wearing robes or snuggies all day. What's better than that?
The leggings are made out of a really high-quality, thick heathered Ponte de Roma. I got a navy and a black. I wanted solid but realized they would get worn and faded quickly, so I thought the heathered look would hide that better. And hide all the kid smudges I attract during the day. It turns out the fabric looks like stretch twill, so they look like jeggings except I didn't add any jean details. I made them very simple for simple, easy days.
The printed top is great, and it matches my black tuxedo stripe hudson pants. This is even more comfortable and perfect for lounging than the leggings! What's your favorite outfit to wear on cozy days?


Indiesew Winter Collection

As you might know I'm currently sewing up a bunch of clothes  for my wardrobe. Specifically my winter wardrobe. That's why I agreed to be apart of the Indiesew Winter Collection. This collection is perfect for the winter, but the patterns are also really versatile for anytime of year (or hemisphere). It has five great sewing patterns from five awesome indie designers. If you purchase the Winter Collection now you can save 15%!
I chose to sew up the Out and About Dress, the Union St Tee, and the Leather Accent Pouch. I almost styled them all in the same outfit because the polka shirt looked great under the dress, but then the shirt would have been covered up! 
First up is the Out and About Dress. This pattern is a cozy, knit dress perfect for cold days. There is an option for two skirt lengths and two sleeve lengths. It's a great dress to customize. 
I chose to do half sleeves and a full-length skirt. I added length to the bodice and length to the skirt. I took out some of the gathers in the skirt but added flare. I don't like a whole lot of gathers right at my waist, but I do love full skirts. To cinch in the waist really well I added elastic to the waist. I also added a snap placket up the front bodice so that it's nursing friendly. The dress is easy, comfortable, and forgiving, and I can see it carrying me through most of a pregnancy and post-baby. I used a really soft jersey in a gorgeous turquoise. 
I also made a Leather Accent Pouch and the small bonus bag that the pattern gives measurements for. This clutch is a fold-over style pouch with a zipper and leather accents. It's quick and easy, but looks sophisticated. It would be easy to make a bunch for Christmas gifts! I used my triangle fabric leftover from my pencil skirt and some faux leather. I added a strap on the back, and it's the perfect size.
I styled the dress with a teal and gold belt, a printed scarf, my corduroy blazer and some ankle boots. It keeps me warm, comfortable, but stylish. I really love this dress and it's simplicity. I can see it styled for every single season!
I also made the Union St Tee. This is the perfect basic tee. It has the option for a scoop or v-neck, and four sleeve options. It's very flattering since it slightly flares out. You can make it fitted or loose. I made the tee using a great polka dot fabric. I made my fitted through the sleeves and upper bust and left the flare at the bottom. This is a great tee pattern and much better than my drafted tee pattern. I wanted to make something cool with the tee, but I really need basic long sleeve tees. I'm planning on making a few more! I styled it with an easy crocheted scarf, a fair isle vest, thrifted and altered pink jeans, and black boots. 
I'm holding the smaller bag made from the measurements in the Leather Accent Pouch. It's also made from leftover fabric from a pencil skirt. I used white faux leather and made a great leather tassle for the zipper pull. This might be my new makeup bag. It's the perfect small size.
The shape of the shirt is great for half-tucking or leaving loose.
What are you favorite patterns to use for winter? Is your wardrobe ready for the cold days ahead?

Hunger Games Inpired

I made some Hunger Games inspired outfits for Crafting Con for the kids, and you can see it over at Mae and K today. I also give some tips for quilting your own knit fabric!
I love sharing these kids outtakes. But you can see all their cute pictures and the themes behind the quilted shirts.


Match With Me: Stripes and Leather

I am so excited for today's outfits. I made coordinating outfits for Henry and I! Sewing for boys is my first sewing love. When Henry was first born, there were hardly any boy sewing inspiration or tutorials. The sewing community has gotten a lot better at great boy's clothes, and a lot of that has come from awesome boy sewing series. Like the series Match With Me by Stacey from Boy, Oh Boy, Oh Boy Crafts. It's a series about making coordinating outfits for mothers and sons. How fun is that? So I made a pullover for me and a sweatshirt for Henry. And had lots of fun styling our outfits.
I used the same fabric for Henry and I. It's a white and blue heavier weight terry knit. I thrifted about 3 yards for a couple of dollars. I used the reverse for mine, so it feels like wearing a soft towel or a robe. I made myself a Perri Pullover, skipped the pockets, and added white faux leather pockets to the front. For Henry I drafted a basic raglan sleeve sweatshirt. I also added gray faux leather elbow pads for a nice touch. I used white ribbing for mine and gray ribbing for Henry's.
I had dreams of a smooth photoshoot which would produce gorgeous photos of Henry and I that I would cherish and hang on our walls. Well, that didn't quite happen. Even though Henry made funny faces, I still love us together and these photos.
I'm wearing thrifted pants, hand-me-down boots, and hand-me-down scarf. Henry is wearing a crocheted hat lined with fleece (because he complained it was itchy) that I made. The pants are made by me and the boots are refashioned by me.
I can't not laugh at his faces. He's so grown up!
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