DIY Felt Stuffie Handmade Gift

I'm sharing a really fun handmade gift today! I wanted to make something for kids that they could play with and that could help them learn a life skill. I decided to make some fun stuffies out of felt so they are easy and quick! The first one I made was a miniature Henry.
All the arms and legs have buttonholes so you can switch them around onto the other stuffies. I also made a puppy and panda. Each one is so cute with little details. Henry will now have something to practice buttoning and unbuttoning.
I left off the eyes and mouths on the panda and puppy. I was about to do that on miniature Henry, but he kept asking where the eyes and mouth were. I complied to keep him happy.
I didn't make a tutorial, but the basic idea is to cut rectangles to make a big stuffed rectangle. Sew on details to the front rectangle. Keep the seam allowances exposed and since it's felt, it won't fray. The key to sewing a rectangle with exposed seams is to not sew all the way to the end. Start 1/4" in and stop 1/4" from the end. You could make so many funny characters!



Happy Birthday to My Favorite Boy

Happy 3rd birthday to my favorite little boy! He is silly, serious, and sweet. He gives me hugs when I'm mad and always says the funniest things. I can't believe he's been in our lives for three years. He came and changed my whole outlook on sewing. Sewing for boys might always be my favorite!


Entirely Refashioned Boy Outfit

I'm joining in at the very end of the Project Run and Play hand-me-down week. I almost didn't make it! I wanted to join in but the week was kind of getting the better of me. But I made it! And this outfit cost $0.
I used two shirts, a button up and a t-shirt, that my brother gave to me and a pair of jeans from a friend. I used a kid's Simplicity pattern for the button up shirt, Billy Button Shirt, and Small Fry Skinny jeans.
I reused the cuffs and plackets, the front button placket, front pockets, collar and band, and the shoulder tabs. On the tee I reused the shirt hem, sleeve hems, and neckband. The button up shirt I made for Henry is unfortunately still a little big and probably won't fit him for a year. The tee fits him great though.
I reused the belt loops, front zipper, waistband, and the back pocket stitching. I added lots and lots of topstitching to make them look good. I put in some awesome print fabric in the pocket lining.
He was not cooperating. I love the faces of this kid. He is so expressive.


DIY Reupholstered Rocker Recliner

When my grandma passed away I got a velvet mauve rocking recliner chair. It was super comfortable and still in great condition. Mauve is just not my color. I used it for two years because we didn't have space to redo it. Since we moved I finally had space to spread out and redo it. I used a gorgeous microfiber Ikat fabric that I fell in love with a year ago.
The chair currently resides in Claire's room. The only decorating I've done in there is put up pretty turquoise striped drapes. It's mostly there to block the light, and it's actually a tablecloth for the Ikea as-is section.
It took me forever to take out most of the staples. After getting through part of it and after getting some advice from my dad, I realized that I didn't have all the right tools and couldn't take apart everything in the rocker and recliner. So I decided to to staple the fabric in as much as I could, and then hand sew in the rest. I hate hand sewing, but it was worth it to get the chair finished.
I love it and it looks so good! Just don't look very closely because some of the hand sewing shows in the back.


Striped Floral Surplus Staple Dress

I made another staple dress. I have a problem. At least I admit it, right? I totally love this pattern. I will use it forever. If I were a dress, this would be me. Stripes, floral, blue colors, feminine, flattering but not too tight, comfortable, nursing and somewhat maternity friendly, and a quick sew.
This time I cut it off at the waist and cut two half circle skirts out of a striped voile. It's so soft and somewhat sheer so I did two layers. I altered the bodice to be a surplus top for nursing. I used a soft floral woven that I found in the remnant bin. It's so soft and drapey. I added elastic to the waist line to give me a cinched waist. I love that it's flattering and feminine, but it gives me breathing room. It's comfortable and breezy. I'm a little worried about making it work for Fall and Winter. Any idea's for wearing it with layers?
These fabrics are so gorgeous and perfect together. It was a match made it heaven. I love all the different blues and how well they go together. There's also a really light peach flower on the top that warms it up. I have a little bit of each fabric left to make some pretty things for Claire. I also added a snap at the neckline so I wouldn't flash anyone. The fabric was just a little to soft and drapey that it wouldn't always stay as closed as I wanted it.
The skirt is so drapey and flowy. I feel like a princess when I wear it. The stripes of the skirts go opposite directions which is really cool in real life. The stripes are really hard to photograph so they don't show up well!
Here's to the staple dress! I have one more planned, a LBD coming up soon!
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