Me Made: V-Neck Maternity Tee

I made another maternity tee for myself! I'm sure you're pretty bored of my maternity makes by now since that's all I've been posting lately. I'm on a roll for making myself maternity clothing this time. I'm much happier with my maternity wardrobe than I was with my last two. Part of it is because I only want to make what I'll wear and love, and part of it is because I've been posting for Megan Nielsen at DIY Maternity. It's been really fun to focus on myself and make some good tutorials. This most recent maternity mint tee is a really basic one with a v-neck alteration. I shared a tutorial on how to turn any scoop neck tee into a vneck tee! You can use this tutorial on any scoop neck tee pattern.


Me Made: Maternity and Nursing-Friendly Hoodie

Today I'm part of the Sew Yourself Some Love tour with Pattern Revolution. The term "selfish sewing" never appealed to me because sewing for yourself can be good and healthy. Especially as mothers, women need to take care of themselves. Sewing has been a healthy, satisfying hobby for me, and I'm grateful I get to share with you readers and that you keep coming back! I have a really fun sweatshirt to share today that is nursing friendly and not hard to create with a little pattern alteration.
I was given the Lisse Cowl and Hoodie pattern by Terra's Treasures Designs for the blog tour. (It's even on sale right now!) I chose it because it would be a simple alteration to make it nursing-friendly, and without realizing it it's also a maternity sweatshirt. The overlap design makes it great for a growing bump. 
The alterations I made to the pattern were to combine the two back pieces into one. For the front I used the pleated overlap piece and combined it with the bodice piece. I cut two opposites of these to create the overlapped front. I made a size medium in the tall length; it's AMAZING that there are two lengths built in! I always have to lengthen the bodice, so it was really nice not to have lengthen it. I loved using this pattern and can't wait to make an unaltered one next fall when my size isn't changing as drastically.
I will have to wear a nursing tank underneath, but I'm excited to have a warm sweatshirt to wear that will have easy access. I used a solid gray sweatshirt fabric. I know it's a little boring, but I wear solids more often than I wear anything else and I wanted to make something that I would wear. I thought about putting together a trendier outfit for this photoshoot, but let's be honest, this is how I will be wearing this sweatshirt for the next couple of months: sweatshirt, tank, leggings, and comfortable shoes. I love how comfortable this outfit is, so I thought I'd show how it'd really be worn.
I love the cowl neck on this sweatshirt. I love the look and feel of hoodies, but the hood often gets bulky and uncomfortable. I find myself not choosing hoodies to put on simply because I don't want to put my head through the neck. I think this cowl is a better option; I'm hoping it won't hold me back from wearing it a lot.
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Sewing for the Girl: Gathered Polka Dot Skirt

I love super, quick projects. They are satisfying and are great between big time-consuming projects. For example, this adorable skirt for Claire. I got the fabric remnant from my sister; I'm pretty sure she hemmed a skirt and kept the part she cut off. At first I was going to make a scarf from it. It's a soft, pleated fabric that would be perfect as an infinity scarf. But tan and black aren't my colors, and I'd never wear it. So I made it into a skirt for Claire instead.
I left one edge as a black serged edge. The other edge I folded over into a casing and added an elastic. The fabric is slightly transparent, but since the fabric is so gathered it makes up for it. And she wears tights underneath to keep her warm and modest. The polka dots are so cute and girly. (Sorry for the dancing toddler; it's hard to keep her still.)
I made a very simple elastic gathered skirt without a pattern, but if you'd like to make your own simple skirt check out these 10 FREE Skirt Sewing Patterns in multiple sizes!


Me Made: Striped Tunic and Leggings

I really wanted a striped maternity top this time. I feel like white and black stripes are very classic and basic and would give me lots of options. I also wanted it to have nursing access so that I could wear it through some of my post-partem. The problem is how to make something with room for a bump but still have a waist for after the baby comes. I think I figured out a great solution with this striped tunic. This tunic has elastic sewed into the waist so it will be "sucked" in when I have a waist again.
I used version 4 of the Alissa maternity top sewing pattern and then added a hi-lo skirt. You can see a basic tutorial for adding a skirt to the Alissa Top over at DIY Maternity. The design of the top is perfect for nursing because it crosses over making it easy to pull down. And the flared hi-lo skirt will be flattering for any extra bumps that come with all the changes that are about to come. I really can't wait to wear this tunic after I have this baby girl. It'll make me feel dressed even if I don't make it out of the house.
I also made myself some black maternity leggings. I needed some good leggings that were comfortable and thick. I used a free pattern that doesn't seem to be available anymore. I just lowered the front rise and sewed on a band that goes over my belly. They are quite comfortable, stretchy, and sturdy. I've been on the search for a sturdy knit that doesn't pill which means it can't have a lot of polyester. There are hardly any Ponte de Roma knits that aren't 100%. Well on black Friday I got some feathered black Ponte knit from Joann's that had only 10% polyester. I was very excited and nervous to use it. I made these leggings ind December and after more than weekly wear, I can happily say that these leggings have NOT started pilling. They are fading slightly at the knee, but that doesn't bother me. I am really happy about this discovery and GOOD Ponte knit fabric. 


Me Made: Aztec and Striped Maternity Tees

I've been behind on sharing some of my maternity makes. I made both of these tees before Christmas and, I'm just getting around to taking pictures of them. But that means I have worn these a lot since making them and know what I like and don't like about them. I feel like I've been really successful with my maternity makes this time around. I still enjoy getting dressed everyday, and I feel cute. I made both of these tees using the Cara maternity tee sewing pattern. It's my go-to pattern since it's already cut out, and I've made probably ten of them. I know exactly how to fit it to my liking.
This first tee is my favorite maternity tee. I made it with a soft cotton spandex jersey fabric. It's really soft and comfortable. I love wearing stripes if you haven't figured before. Stripes and solids are my thing. I'm glad I made it long sleeves to keep me warm. I lengthened the body and the sleeves so it fits me perfectly. It's a great basic tee.
The next one I made was a short sleeved aztec print tee. I used a maxi skirt that my SIL gave to me. I loved the print of the fabric, but the skirt was too short for me. Luckily, I was able to make a cute shirt from it. This was one of the first ones I made, and I forgot to lengthen the body. It's long enough in the front, but not in the back so I have to wear a black tank underneath or the stretchy band of my maternity pants show. Besides that I do enjoy wearing this tee with a fun print.
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