DIY Chambray Button Up Shirt

I have had this button up shirt cut out since the last shirt I made, the Ikat button up shirt. I've just had so many projects to work on and then I lost the drive to make it. But I finally hunkered down and finished it. It surprisingly doesn't take that long to make a basic button up shirt. I'll have to remember that in the future when I want to make another button up shirt.
I bought some gorgeous polka dot chambray fabric from fabric.com. (Sorry, it's not available anymore.) It is gorgeous fabric and a dream to sew with. I just love, love it. And I love this shirt. I forgot how many buttons go on the front of a shirt and I should've added one or two more. I'm slightly nervous that it'll gap a little at my bust, but I can't change it now.
I like my button up shirts really long, almost like a tunic. I like to wear them with leggings or tuck them in which both need extra length. I used the long sleeve blouse pattern and added length to the sleeves and the body. Besides that I didn't alter that pattern at all. It's a great pattern and I can see myself using it multiple times in the future. (I was melting in these pictures. It was only 9am and already over 80 degrees.)


Wall Decor for Kids' Rooms

We moved the kids into the same bedroom a couple of weeks ago, so I'm slowly starting to decorate their room. It's going to take me awhile to decorate. I kind of like to decorate slowly and let it come together. I'm going with turquoise, navy blue, and a coral/pink color for their room.
What I have so far is a turquoise striped curtain and framed letters above their beds. The curtain goes perfectly with Claire's mint bed skirt. (Read about the owl quilt or the patchwork memory quilt.)
I also have a turquoise lamp and an alphabet picture. (I'm still working on framing it.) It's above the reupholstered rocking chair and a bookshelf filled with stuffed animals and books.
I'm leaning towards an adventure theme. I just ordered a wooden elephant clock which I've wanted something similar to since Henry was born.
Now I want to put something next to elephant clock, but I haven't decided yet. I'm just loving the art over at Minted. I'm leaning towards a big picture Fly Away With Me to go along with adventure. Or I'd like to personalize it with a Super Imagination and a Circus Pony. Both of the custom paintings are great examples of my kids' personalities. I'm having a really hard time deciding between a big hot air balloon or two smaller personalized paintings.
I also got caught up in looking at Minted's new Save the Date cards. There are some really awesome ones! I'm passed planning a wedding, but I couldn't helping looking through them. I know they are for weddings, but I think it might be cool to use them for a child's baptism or a child's special event like that. They are easily customized so you can use it for anything you'd like!
Other things I'd like to make for their room: a really great twin sized quilt for Henry's bed, frame the alphabet picture, do something about the rug.
Disclaimer: I was not paid for this review, but I was offered credit to link to some of my favorite prints.


DIY Fringe Baby Sandals

Claire has tiny feet and was in much need of some sandals. She's walked through two of her leather shoes already. It's gotten hot so instead of doing full shoes I altered my favorite free baby shoes pattern to be sandals. It's perfect because I am super specific about my babies sandals. I want them to be breathable, durable, and cover the toes. I know there are lots of cute baby sandals, but they never cover the toes. My two kids are busy and crazy and with uncovered shoes they rip their toes to shreds.
I added fringe around the ankle and fringe on the top. I did some cutouts on the sides for breathability. Then I added a top strap over the foot and a back strap on the center back. I love the elastic at the ankle because it keeps it on the foot even with all her craziness.
I did a double layer of leather for the soles. I really hope it'll last through the summer since she's wears them daily. I was going to make a pattern, but it turned into one of those make-it-work project.
She's adorable in her little sandals.
It's especially great for puddle jumping. Or just walking in the gutter streams. Unfortunately, the leather takes forever to dry. But I'd rather have these leather shoes that cover her toes than any other sandals.


DIY Buffalo Shirt

This shirt has a story. I thrifted this XL short sleeve buffalo plaid button up shirt a couple of weeks ago. I was really drawn towards to large woven plaid. I knew I could refashion it. But I didn't realize how many refashions it would take.
I took the sides in multiple times. Redid the sleeves three times. Shortened the sleeves twice. Added elastic, took it off, added shirring, took off some of the shirring. Took off the collar, put the collar back on, took off the collar. And I hemmed the shirt hem once. I'm still debating taking out the shirring I left on the center back. I learned a lot about what I wanted out of this shirt. I found I wanted a semi-fitted, tunic length, short sleeve shirt for the summer.
I love wearing it and love the plaid. I'm planning on wearing it with shorts, leggings, and pencil skirts like here. (The pencil skirt is also a DIY, but I haven't blogged about it yet. One day.)


Floral and Herringbone Cargo Duffle

Making a cargo duffle for myself has been on my to-do list ever since it first came out. I love it. My sister made one for her husband, so I decided to make one too. Her making it first gave me the kick in the pants to get started. Or maybe I love making things at the same time that she makes them. 
I even had fabric to make the bag. I bought an IKEA cushion cover in the as-is section specifically for making a bag. The two sides were opposite colorways of each other. I had to piece some of the sections together, but it turned out well.
The only change I made to the pattern was to double the width of the center to make it deeper and more of a weekender bag. I also added interfacing to the bottom piece to make it more sturdy. I used a pretty coral and white herringbone quilting cotton for the pockets and handles. For the back of the handles I used some remnant quilting cotton from Henry's wolf coat.
I did enjoy quilting the pieces even though it takes forever. Its relaxing for me. For the inside I used a really pretty floral and matching bias binding. I didn't do very good with the bias binding; it's not my strength. I love, love the pretty floral inside. It makes me happy every time I open it and look inside.
I put a blanket inside to give it some shape and had Henry pick it up. He thought it was way too heavy.
Now we need to go on a trip or stay overnight somewhere so I can use it. Or I can just let my kids play in it.
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