Quick Sewing Projects

If you been watching me on instagram, you've seen that I've been making some little kid outfits for my sister's wedding. Two suits, two bow ties, two dresses, and two diaper covers. I love sewing, but it's really hard for me to make the same thing more than once. (That's why I've never opened a shop. I need a challenge of something new to sew every time, or I get bored.) But I had the drive to make those cute kid's outfits and I did it. But I needed some quick, spur-of-the-moment projects that sparked my creativity and kept me sane.
The sweater is refashioned from a sweater in my stash. It had a zipper up the back which was perfect to keep for going over big baby heads. I added a zipper protection to keep it soft against her. I used a 12 mos shirt as a guide to make it. It is too big, but it will be grown into. I love the subtle sweater texture.
The leggings are a heart print waffle knit cut from an old tee. I used the free baby legging pattern by go-to patterns. I always cut out the 12 mos size because I'm lazy and then she has lots of growing room. I like to keep them long to help keep her feet warm and then I don't have to worry about socks.
Up she goes
The other two leggings I made her are from another waffle knit shirt and a sweater. The sweater fabric stretches out easily, so they are actually too big for Claire. They'll be great for Spring though!
And I didn't leave Henry out. I made him two new bow ties. And I learned how to tie bow ties. These are so quick and satisfying. I used two fabric scraps to make these, and I used Delia's free bow tie pattern and tutorial.


The Kids' Christmas Outfits

We dress up for Christmas Eve dinner, so I made the kids' new dressy outfits. I had a lot of fun looking through my stash for red and green fabric or clothing to refashion. I wanted to go all out for the outfits, but still have them comfortable for the kids to be kids. I found and created the perfect pieces for Christmas Even and hopefully through the winter.
These kids are adorable, and they adore each other. Henry is so excited for Christmas, and I'm constantly keeping Claire away from the presents because she keeps trying to unwrap them. 
I must divulge that I didn't make Henry's plaid button up shirt. I have made so many things for Christmas and my sister's wedding that I had to be choosy in what I made. I refashioned his vest from one of my old vests that I've had for years. I kept the collar, armholes, front buttons, and then cut and used the ribbing. I used one of Henry's tees for size. It's not quite as red as I would have liked it to be, but it was quick project. I love how it looks so dapper like a cute, old man. The pants are a pair of green corduroy pants I was given to refashion. I was able to keep the back pockets, belt loops, and zipper fly. I used the the Tree Climber Trousers size 2 width and size 3 height.
For Claire I used a some gorgeous dark red fabric that I thrifted. It was a small cut of fabric that I eked this dress out of. It has diagonal tucks and diagonal petal pieces sewn on. I used a paper pattern that a friend gave me, (I'm too lazy to go look it up at this moment.) but it's a generic sleeved gathered dress. The dress is basic, but the fabric makes it special. I added a couple of layers of gathered netting under the skirt to give it fullness, and then a layer of organza to keep it from scratching her.
Merry Christmas, everyone! Good luck, sewing everything on your list for the holidays!


DIY Draped Pencil Skirt

My sister is getting married in a couple of weeks, and I'm supposed to wear a mint shirt and a navy skirt. I made the four little kids new dresses and suits, so I needed to make something really simple for me. I decided to purchase a shirt because I didn't have any mint fabric. I had some gorgeous navy knit jersey and the ladies at Teach Me Fashion asked me to review their Draped Skirt Sewing Pattern. This pattern was great because it makes a big impact with the draping, but it was a quick sew!
I really liked using this pattern. I had no troubles piecing the pattern or understanding the instructions. There were even Teach Me Fashion videos on youtube to help put it together. The only changes I made were to lengthen the skirt and shorten the casing so it was the same length as the elastic. This skirt looks great with mint, and it's drama enough for a wedding while still being comfortable and easy. I will style it differently for the wedding, but I had fun putting together this simple outfit.
I also can't wait to wear a monochromatic outfit. I've always thought about it but didn't quite have the right pieces. I love this heart sweater with the draped skirt.
I can't wait to share the wedding babies in their fancy duds, and the wedding dress that my sister and I refashioned together! It's a special story!


Stylish Skirts Book Giveaway: Three Winners

I'm joining giveaway day over at Sew Mama Sew. Today I'm giving away three Stylish Skirts books! This giveaway is for US residents only. You can read about my review and the skirt I made!


Christmas Pajamas

I was so excited to make Christmas Pajamas for the kids this year, but I kept putting it off thinking I had so much time. Luckily, the ladies from Once Upon A Sewing Machine asked me to be apart of their Ruffled PJ Pattern tour which gave me the kick to get started. Once I got started and looked at my calendar, I realized if I wouldn't have started them they probably wouldn't have happened! The pattern is on sale for $5 this week, no coupon code needed!
I decided to used a bunch of knits from my refashion stash because knit is my jam. I love it, and thought it would be super comfy for the kids to sleep in. I wanted to used green, but all my green was used up for the kid's Fall/Winter collection, so I used a bunch of shades of red. I used the pattern top for both kids and then drafted some simple leggings for each of them.
If you're interested you can read more about the Fair Isle Christmas tree skirt.
For Henry I flipped the button placket to the front, eliminated the gathering on the bottom piece, and eliminated the gathering on the sleeves. I used a colorblocked men's tee so I just kept the colorblocking going for the shirt. I had to piece the sleeves together, but you can't really tell. I reused the original neckband, sleeve hems, and shirt hem. I used snaps for the front placket.
I used a striped tank top for the leggings.
For Claire I did everything like the pattern except I used knit. I didn't line the bodice though and left of the front ruffle. I used a reindeer tee that I've had in my stash for a long time waiting for a little girl. I used some red fabric from my stash for the sleeves and the bottom part. I used rib knit for the neckline and snaps for the back placket.
I used a red tee for the leggings keeping the original hem and making the legs extra long for growth and to keep her feet warm.
It turned out nice that Henry is dark red on top and bright red on bottom and Claire is bright red on top and dark red on bottom.
Merry Christmas everyone! We're so excited to start all the festivities and see the excitement in our kids!
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