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Colorblocked Tshirt Romper Tutorial

Today is the last day of tshirt romper week! What a week it has been! I always look forward to doing a week long series, but then I always need a break after. I had fun creating lots of tshirt romper variations and sharing them with you. I've been dressing my baby in them all week, and I've really been enjoying seeing her wear them. It's great for busy, wiggling babies, and the snap closure make dressing and diaper changing so easy! The last variation I have is a simple one. Adding coordinating or contrasting fabric to the back and as a pocket.


Gathered Sleeves and Hem Tshirt Romper Tutorial

If you've downloaded the new and improved tshirt romper pattern, you may have noticed that I've added something new. I added some new cutting lines so you can have a gathered sleeve and a gathered hem like bloomer! I love this version; it's so girly and cute. It's perfect for baby girls!


Ruffle Bum Tshirt Romper Tutorial

I am so excited to share today's tutorial with you! A ruffle bum tshirt romper: is there anything cuter? I was so excited to make this and put it on my baby. This was my first variation idea and the other ones came after. I couldn't get this one out of my head, so I had to create it. It's so easy to make and just a couple extra steps to the regular tshirt romper tutorial.


Drawstring Waist T-Shirt Romper Tutorial

Welcome to the first variation of the tshirt romper week! I've always loved the original tshirt romper, but I realized that it's the perfect simple pattern for lots of variations. I came up with lots of variations, but I had to limit it to four so I wouldn't overwhelm myself. They do lean towards the feminine side, but I do have a 6 mos old baby girl right now so they'll all be worn. You can use these variations any way you want and can use them for baby boys too.
Today I'm sharing a simple drawstring tutorial for the tshirt romper. I used a women's french terry tunic to make this romper, but it'll work with any knit tee, tunic, or sweatshirt with a good amount of stretch.
Here's a list of all the variations!
Drawstring waist tshirt romper


T-Shirt Romper FREE PATTERN {Updated!}

I have been preparing a lot to get ready for this week, and I am so excited to share it with you! Do you remember the original tshirt romper? I made it 3.5 years ago! I've reworked the pattern and redid the pictures to give you the best tutorial possible. I hope it's easier to use and easier to understand! And I've also come up with a bunch of easy variations to customize your romper that I'll share with you all week! 
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