Cardigan Onesie Babies All Grown Up

Remember my cardigan onesie tutorial I posted two years ago? The first of all the cardigan onesies and made them so popular! Well, the two cardigan onesie babies are back, but they are all grown up! 
The other little boy had a gray cardigan, so I had to make Henry an orange one just like the original. I thrifted an orange sweater and then cut it up smaller to fit Henry. Then I cut it down center front and added a knit band and snaps.
These boys have so much fun together. Henry has really been missing his buddies since we moved. The other day he heard some neighbor kids outside playing and Henry wanted to go outside. I said that I didn't want to talk to anyone, and Henry replied, "but our neighbors are outside."
I don't have the original orange cardigan onesie right now, but I do have the cardigan from the easier cardigan onesie tutorial for the second generation babies, aka the siblings.
 They are so cute in their cardigans!
Crazy hair, don't care


Faux Suede Necessary Clutch

I have been in search for the perfect wallet or clutch. Since I take my diaper bag with me almost every time I leave the house, I enjoy taking no bag out when I'm not with the kids. But that means I often always forget my wallet. Even when I bring my diaper bag, I sometimes forget to grab my wallet. So I've looked and looked and looked for something that would hold all my basics but look cute too. Luckily, I found the Necessary Clutch Wallet.
It's the best pattern I found and I struggled a little bit with the construction. I have very limited experience in bag construction, so this was a good learning experience for me. Earlier this summer Spoonflower had a free suede sample day so I ordered some Little Basket faux suede. I got one for free and then ordered another one for $6. I'm really impressed with it and I'm glad I used it for this bag! The colors and scallops make me so happy.
I didn't use a twist lock like the pattern recommended because I didn't want to spend extra money. Instead I used snaps and then I sewed a huge button over the top snap. The wallet has space for tons of cards, a zipper pocket for coins, two long pockets, and I also fit my glasses, a little lotion bottle, and my favorite lip gloss. This really fits everything I need. I added the loops inside that eventually I'll attach a strap for easier carrying. Here's to not forgetting my cute wallet anymore! What do you always forget when you leave the house?
Pattern: Necessary Clutch Wallet, I left off the front curved detail piece and the twist locks.
Fabric: two samples of faux suede, navy and white polka dot quilting cotton that I had in my stash (originally received for free), 1/2 yard of Michael Miller Mini Mikes Bunting for the lining. After I cut everything out, I was really worried that the suede and lining didn't match as well, and I wasn't sure where all the fabrics would line up. I'm so happy that the lining doesn't show from the outside. Even if they don't match as well as I thought they did, they both individually make me happy.
Time: 3 hours
Cost: Pattern $8, Suede $6, Lining $3.91


Stamped Onesie and Aztec Leggings

When I stamped some fabric a couple of weeks ago, I stamped a fun little onesie for Claire. I did a big and little heart on the front and a broken heart on the back. This little girl has some sass and might be a little heartbreaker one day.
I also finished up those aztec leggings for her that I teased you about a couple of months ago. They are a 9 mos size so they are a little long, but I love the print so much that she wears them right now. The fabric seems good enough to last a long time. At least through one baby wearing them!
 It is so satisfying seeing something I made on my babies. Even something as simple as fabric print a onesie!


Quilted Jacket, Fabric Stamped Shirt, and Triangle Pants

Even though I have a little girl and am learning about sewing for girls, I think sewing for boys will always be my first love. It'll always have a special place in my heart. Especially since when I first started sewing for boys, there was hardly any sewing projects or sewing tutorials for boys. Well, that has slowly changed in the online sewing community and there are now lots of awesome boy sewing patterns and sewing tutorials. Right now there's a Bundle Up of a bunch of boys patterns at Pattern Revolution.
I love this outfit and these boy patterns! I love that I can dress my son in clothes that are trendy, handmade, and that fit him!
I used the Letterman Jacket pattern. When I was looking for inspiration, I fell in love with the quilted look. The very next day I was at a yardsale and found a boy's quilted jacket for $.50. It was meant to be so I used the pattern to make the quilted jacket Henry's size. The pattern only goes down to size 4, but I made it a little smaller to a 3 so that Henry could wear it. The pattern is great and actually way easier than I thought it was going to be. It's a simple construction for a really great looking jacket. I left the front pockets and zipper from the original. I also added a hood next to the neckline band because Henry LOVES his hoods. I am a little disappointed in my altering because the sleeves are about an inch too short. I might go back and add something so it can grow with him.
For the tee I used Zee's Tee pattern. It's a really great basic pattern, but also has some fun color blocking options. I also love that it has an option for using a too small favorite shirt of your child's to make into a bigger shirt. Then they don't have to part with their favorite just yet! I cut Henry a 18 mos width and 3T length. I took it in an extra 1/2" on both sides though because it was still too wide. I just color blocked the sleeves, neckband, and pocket with a really soft gray jersey. The shirt fabric is fabric stamped and it say's "Aaah" if you're wondering. It still looks cool even if it isn't that legible.
The pants are the Aviator pants and they are so trendy but so comfortable! I love them, and Henry loves his "triangle" pants. These pants have some triangle color blocking on the bottom near the hem. I made Henry an 18 mos width and a 2T length. I used a soft black sweatshirt fleece for the main part of the pants, gray ribbing for the waistband and cuffs, and a charcoal striped interlock for the triangles and back pockets. I left off the cargo pockets because Henry hasn't gotten into pockets yet. It's the first time I've done welt pockets in a couple of years and they turned out pretty good! I forgot to interface and used knit fabric so they pop open, but I think they still look pretty good. I also added a seamline on the front left leg so I could do an extra color blocked section. I really love how these pants turned out!
This is how much Henry loves his new outfit! 
Yes, little lady, all sorts of photoshoots are in your future.



Floral and Striped Baby Outfit for Back to School

I decided to participate in the Willow and Co Back to School contest. Mostly because I was inspired, and I was excited to join in! I remixed both the mulberry tunic and the clover shorts for Claire. I thrifted some floral fabric and striped fabric a couple of weeks ago and was waiting for the perfect time to use it which was for this outfit!
The mulberry tunic only goes down to size 18 months, but I altered it to be more of a 9 month size. I eliminated the sleeves and neckline binding. Instead I fully lined the bodice with a pink gingham and made the seams on the front and back match. I left the shoulders wide so they look like cap sleeves while Claire is little. I kept the curved hem and added width and gathers to the bottom half. I added pink gingham side pockets. I used snaps on the button placket.
For the clover shorts, I used a size 6 mos but I changed the pleats to gathers on the front. I also halved the cuff so it doesn't fold up and inserted elastic. They look like little bloomers now! I left off the pockets, waist ruffle, and belt loops.
These fabrics look so good together! I think someone purchased them to go together and then just never got around to using them. I only had maybe a fat eighth of the floral so I squeezed everything out of it. I wish the bottom half would've been longer to be a long dress, but that was all the floral fabric I had!
She's a sweetie
As Claire gets bigger both pieces will grow with her. The dress is wide enough to be worn as a tunic and shirt which can be worn over a long sleeve shirt or under a cardigan. The shorts have lots of room to be worn over tights or leggings. I can't wait to see her wear these pieces through the rest of the summer and then into fall and winter.
While I was taking these flat outfit pictures, this was happening in the background. Henry was begging me to turn on Daniel Tiger (love that show!), and Claire was nakie and eating a CD. We're awesome.
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