Me Made: Fur Vest and Metallic Dotted Maternity Tee

I have been making a couple of maternity clothes for this pregnancy. I went through and cleaned out a bulk of my old maternity clothes that don't feel like me. I really want to have a maternity wardrobe that I love just like I want to have a regular wardrobe that I love. I made a couple of maternity tees one of which I'm showing you today. I also made a fur vest which I can wear no matter what size I am.
For the fur vest I traced my pink quilted vest instead of using a pattern. I just skipped the collar and added a bit of width to the sides to accommodate the fur. I used a gorgeous faux fur fabric from Hancock's which isn't available online anymore but this faux fur is similar. It's black underneath with khaki tips. It's a great color because it can match with black, brown, gray, and bright colors. It shed like crazy when I cut it and sewed it. It has a really long nap. I even used a comb on all the seams to "comb" the hair out. I used a gray knit for the lining.
For the tee I used the Cara Maternity Tee Pattern which I've used lots of times. It's a great pattern, and I'm glad I have it in my stash. I added a band to the neckline because I like the look better. I used a knit interlock with gold metallic dots that I found in the remnant bin at Joann's. It was less than a yard so I really had to be careful when I cut it out. I had to cut some extra panels at the shoulders to make it fit. I cut the sleeves as long as I could with the limited fabric I had. The dots are really tiny and subtle which I love. But they are glittery and metallic too so it could easily be dressed up. 
I can't wait to wear the vest with dresses or skirts for holiday parties. I also can't wait to wear it casually over sweatshirts. I just love lots of layers. The tee is so versatile; it'll be great to mix and match with. The maternity jeans are regular colored jeans cut low with a maternity band added. I really wanted something colorful to break from the regular maternity jeans I have.


Sewing for the Girl: Basic Tees and Jeans

Claire has stained a lot of her tees and is about to grow out of them, so I whiped up a couple of new basic tees for her along with some basic jeans. All the tees were made from adult tees so they came together really fast (no hems!). I used the Bimaa Sweater pattern for the tees in size 12 mos, and I used the free 18 mos stretch jeans pattern from Running with Scissors for the pants. I love the pants pattern and used it a lot for Henry. I'm still deciding how I feel about the Bimaa pattern. It's a great pattern, but I haven't decided if it will become one of those that I use over and over again.
The first tee was from an short sleeve adult tee that had a hood so I decided to keep that detail. I cut the sleeves out as long as I could, but they're still short sleeves. I wanted something warmer for Claire, but this will have to do. Claire kind of looks like a baby gangster when she wears the hood; it's hilarious. The pants are made from some remnant animal print denim from Joann's remnant bin. I got it a year or two ago knowing they would become skinny jeans for Claire. The fabric has no stretch so I added some width so she'd still have room to move. I only did a little bit of topstitching on the pants because you can hardly see it with the busy print.
The next tee was from a striped adult tee with half sleeves. I also cut these sleeves as long as I could, so they are 3/4 sleeves on Claire. I did the neckband on the bias which gives it a really cool detail. I love the basic stripes, and it goes with a lot of her wardrobe.
The pants are a true red stretch denim. It's a remnant from Henry's red skinnies. I love this fabric. It's so easy to work with and has great stretch with great recovery. I did lots of topstitching with red jean topstitching thread. I also added some machine stitched hearts on the back pockets.
This black tee had half sleeves, but I was able to get long sleeves out of them for this tee. They are even a little long so I cuff the ends. I love this tee because it's basic, but it has subtle clouds and stars printed on the front.
For the jeans I used some gray stretch twill that I've used for skinny jeans for me. I had over five yards of this fabric, so I still have a little leftover! Maybe Claire will have another pair of skinny jeans next winter from this fabric! I used pink jean topstitching thread and love the pop of color. It shows my mistakes, but it was good practice for me. I added two diagonal lines to the back pockets for a fun detail.
The great thing about these pants and tees is that they pretty can all be mixed and matched. I realized that I really love making things that can match with lots of different items.


Me Made: Gold Velvet Maternity Pencil Skirt

I was inspired by some fellow bloggers to sew a few holiday items this year. I have some black non-stretch velvet that I wanted to make into a pencil skirt, but I can't really wear non-stretchy right now. I was really caught up on stretch velvet, so I decided to just go BOLD. I picked gold stretch velvet. Gold can work for Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, and any work or church parties. I really love the color, and the fabric is so warm.
I'm sharing a fantastic list of handstitch hems over at Craftsy with some handstitching tutorials. I used the list to choose the perfect handstitch hem for this skirt. I found that there's a great handstitch for stretch fabric. It's takes longer than the regular twin needle hem, but it really looks nice. It's basically invisble! I didn't mind handstitching when I'm watching a show with my husband. Stretch velvet is a tad transparent so I lined the skirt with a brown cotton spandex jersey.
I love the fit of the Erin Maternity Skirt pattern, and I want to make more. I like having fitted clothing when I'm pregnant so that I don't feel so tent-like. This skirt is very comfortable and will stretch through my whole pregnancy.
I really can't wait to wear this skirt for dressy Christmas events! It's so fantastic, and I LOVE the gold velvet fabric.


Sewing for the Girl: Lace Trimmed Sweatshirt

Claire has needed some warm layers for playing outside, so I made her this cute mustard and lace sweatshirt. I actually finished more than a month ago, but just barely got pictures and a post done! I love a good sweatshirt and have tons of girly ones pinned to my sewing for girls board. I decided to use some remnant mustard sweatshirt fabric from Joann's as the base. I love the color, and it looks great next to all the yellow leaves.
I used the free raglan sweatshirt pattern by Shwin and Shwin for the base. I just altered the neckline and hood a little bit. Instead of having the hood meet in the center I cut a slit in the neckline and added a little facing. I was worried about getting the sweatshirt on and off Claire's head. I also added some vintage ivory lace to the shoulders. I think that's my favorite detail.
I just sewed the lace in rows starting at the armpit and going up to the neckline. I had the perfect amount of lace because I didn't have anything leftover. I also added topstitching around the neckline and hood.
I wanted to use something fun for the hood lining. In my scraps I found some pretty tan jersey with metallic polka dots. It goes well with the color of the lace and keeps the jacket in a mostly monochrome look. When I first put it together I sewed the hood on with the lining on the outside. At first I was going to leave it, because I really didn't want to unpick and sew it again, but it bothered me every time I saw it. I really resewed it and am really happy that I did.


Me Made: Tweed Bomber Jacket With Fur Lined Hood

I'm slowly progressing on my thoughtfully sewn wardrobe. I haven't really made or purchased jackets in the last couple of years or at least not ones that fit in my new color scheme and style. I feel like now I know what I really want, but I can't get through my to-do sewing list quick enough. Since I'm pregnant I can't make some of the regular items I want to make, so I'm going to focus on jackets (and maternity clothing). This is my second jacket on my list that I've finished. 
I used the McCartney Jacket pattern. It is the second time I've used it (the first was a quilted vest), and so far I like it. It's a great pattern with great instructions. The alterations I made were to lengthen the body by two inches, lengthen the sleeves by three inches, and add a removable hood. 
I really wanted navy tweed fabric for this jacket. I love the texture and variation of tweed. I couldn't find anything within a reasonable price range, but I didn't do a whole lot of searching. I did find an upholstery weight navy tweed that I purchased. It felt like boring couch fabric and had a little sheen to it. When I washed a little piece of it, the sheen disappeared and the fabric became more supple. So I just threw all of it in the wash to make it soft and perfect.
I used navy rib knit for the cuffs on the sleeves and hem. I used a double pull coat zipper which I love. It's great for zipping just in the middle so my growing belly can poke out. I drafted the hood pattern from my favorite coat that has the perfect hood: big and removable. I also added a fur trim. I was going to buy some fur but found fur trim, like fur piping, at Joann's in a really pretty gray color. I purchased a yard, and it was almost the exact length I needed for the hood.
I used a striped slippery fabric for the lining that I thrifted. In all I really love this jacket. I love the color, the striped lining, the hood, and the pockets. I do go back and forth between wishing I had added batting in between the layers for more warmth, but it's still great how it is.
The shirt was a thrifted tunic that I added elastic to the side for a perfect maternity shirt. I love the color and beading. So far, it's one of my favorite shirts to wear this pregnancy. The pants are regular maternity pants that I sewed into skinny jeans. I also added elastic to the top of the over belly band to help them stay up. for some reason no maternity pants will stay up on me. I also added some simple distressing using this distressing jeans tutorial. I never realized how easy it was and now I want to do it to all my jeans! The distressing has definitely made these my favorite jeans of this pregnancy so far.
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